I would like to introduce Tully the mastiff pyrenes mix. This 92 pound boy is between 7 or 8 years old Tull Tull as we affectionately call him has never had an accident in the house or chewed anything up. We have never crated Tully as we didn’t need to. He just waits patiently for us in the living room or bedroom to get home. Tully can be found napping on his pillow in the living room or the tiled floor in the kitchen in the evening. When he wakes up he is ready for breakfast. Tully is a little picky when it comes to food. He is not a big fan of dog food unless it has been doctored up. By that I mean a little bacon grease on his food will make his tail wag. He loves Vienna sausages and lunch meat, well just about anything. Tully won’t take treats out of your hand. What we have found is that he wants you to put them in his dog bowl. We had Tully several weeks before we heard him bark and he isn’t bothered by the family cat. Tully loves everyone and welcomes guest of all ages for his head scratch or an under his chin scratch (which is his favorite). Tully has spurts of energy in which he literally prances out the door to run around in the back yard. Tully is laid back and likes to lie on the patio enjoying the afternoon sun. Sometimes he will follow my husband around as he works in the yard or just wander. Tully enjoys a walk and is great on the leash. He doesn’t pull and isn’t bothered by other dogs encountered on his walks. He doesn’t seem to enjoy car rides as much as his walks but once you get him in he is okay. As far as commands he doesn’t seem to know any but he is so well behaved it is not a big deal. I think Tully would be great with a retired couple that would be home in the daytime to spend time with him or a family with older kids. A big yard for Tully to explore and wander in would be ideal. Really I think Tully would fit in anywhere. I would hate for Tully to stay home by himself all day or stuck in a crate that is not for him. Tully is a funny boy as he won’t go in or out of a door if it is partially open. He sits there and waits for you to open it for him. I can only say the Tully boy is an absolute delight. Tully is heartworm negative. The adoption fee is $300 which covers initial vetting and other needs plus a transport fee of $150, total adoption cost is $450. If you are interested in adopting Tully, please complete an adoption application on https://www.westernaustralianshepherdrescue.com/.

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