Remi is a 3 year old neutered male Parsons Russell terrier. He is a BIG boy – measuring 18 inches at the shoulder and weighs 21 pounds. Remi loves people and other dogs, but he plays hard and will jump on small children. He does best with other hard-playing larger breed dogs. Remi was born deaf, but he has been taught some signs and really loves it when people communicate with him. This is a HIGH exercise needs terrier (we are talking 4 to 10 miles of running every day), who would benefit from some structure and continued training. He is a perennial adolescent at this point: rude, loud and destructive. Remi is located in the Portland area. His adoption fee is $200. NO APARTMENTS, NO CATS, SECURE FENCING A MUST, AND LOTS OF EXERCISE MANDATORY. OTHER PLAYFUL DOG BUDDIES PREFERRED.

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