Mighty Wonder

This precious girl deserves only the best. She has so much love to give. She is constantly giving kisses Wonder is around 2 years old and about 12 pounds. She is very sweet, She prefers slow movements and lots of cuddles to tell her everything will be ok. She was picked up as a stray in California and was in the shelter for several months before our rescue found and pulled her She is very fast without her wheels and doesn’t use them inside on soft surfaces. She uses them if she is outside for more than a few minutes to avoid wear on her skin. She will come with her wheels! She requires diapers as she sometimes leaks urine as she drags herself on the floor. To make sure she is not constantly diapered and her skin has time to breathe she is crate trained to an X-large crate (an x-pen could be used as well) that has blankets and puppy pads. Baths make her a little nervous, but she is getting better and they are important for keeping her skin clean. She is ok with dogs that will give her space, but isn’t a fan of “in your face” dogs. But even with our dogs that she doesn’t love she is all talk. I am her foster and we own five big dogs. She loves our 60lb. 2 year old Staffy mix girl and even tries to play with her. She likes our 14 year old Lab because he doesn’t bother her. She does bark at our cat. She is a barker, but will listen if you tell her to be quiet. Her favorite place to be is right next to you. She is currently fostered in Orego

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