Sweet Pea says, “Hey boo, I see you…” Sweet Pea and Nellie are sisters and are a very loving, sweet bonded pair of deaf female Australian Shepherds. They are about 6 years old. The girls were found as strays in Colorado when they were about 10 months. These lovely ladies were adopted in 2013 and remained in that home until their owner became ill and could no longer care for them. That is how they arrived in Oregon. They have been in our care for over a year now and have adjusted so well. We just haven’t been able to find the best home for them. Could you be the one? As they don’t respond well to other dogs, we suggest that they be in a home with no other dogs or cats and we insist they be rehomed as a pair. The girls care for each other very much and play well together. They love their treats and have learned hand signals quickly. We have been working on their manners and teaching them to not jump up on guests (they are doing really good with this – I saw recently, them being so patient and waiting). They don’t guard their resources from one another and take treats very softly. They walk well on a leash but will need some training as they become reactive when the see other dogs. These girls have been very sheltered so they are being exposed to so many new things and seeing dogs out and about can cause them to get overly excited. These girls aren’t going to be up for much travel either. Being “home bodies” would be their best environment, along with training to get them more accustomed to taking walks. They do best in their separate crates when unattended and seem to be more calm in a crate. They looooove to be brushed and are also spayed and have all their vaccines (we have all their paperwork since 2013). A decent sized yard is ideal. Sweet Pea: She is the more confident one and will gladly run up to you to say hi. She loves new people and loves to sit right next to you and be pet. She helps Nellie to know that everything will be okay and that it’s alright to trust new people. Sweet Pea is the one with the brown/black on the right side of her face, and more white on her back. Nellie: Nellie is the scaredy cat of the pair. She is unsure at first of new people. She will keep her space and bark but calms down after a very short amount of time. She takes some time for her to warm up to you but once she trusts you and knows she is safe, she loves to be pet and will want to be by your side. Nellie loves to take many blankets in her crate and make a little nest for herself. She also loves her soft toys and keeps them in her “nest.” Nellie has more of a white face and has more of the merle pattern on her back. The adoption fee for the pair is $400 and that includes two free dog training with our in-house dog trainer (who specializes in deaf dogs). We can’t wait for these two to find their final, loving home.

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