You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website. Please go to to Fill Out an Online Adoption Application! Alice has been a couch-hopper for far too long! She is a very sweet, and very loved older girl who has a very calm-nature and nurturing personality. She loved her old home a lot, but unfortunately due to her size she has ended up here with us at our Rescue. She found the right spot, considering we specialize in Pyrs. and working breeds, but due to her age we will have her put into a Foster-Home ASAP. She will be relaxing in her temporary living-arrangement until someone reaches out to us about this sweet older lady!!! She MUST have a 6 foot fence, she is NOT a farm/outdoor dog meaning she sleeps INSIDE, but she would still need plenty of room OUTSIDE as well! These breeds love to wonder around and explore their surroundings! She will bark, and keep unwanted critters away from your property for you! She will also lay with you and put her head under your hand so that you can pet her easier! lol! Alice is a perfect-Pyrenees who needs a perfect home! She would LOVE it if her person either worked from home or was retired, that way she can have even more time to love you! She also LOVES older/considerate children/teens! She does great with the dogs here, and her previous family took her to the dog park often! She is up-to-date, but is too old to be spayed safely. We will not allow her in a home with any unaltered male dogs!!!

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