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Here we have working group dogs for sale. They help human beings in so many fields. Check all the selling information you need.

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Dog Breeds FAQs
  • -- What is a working group dog?

    Working dogs refer to dogs that are engaged in various tasks to assist their human partners. Compared with the appearance characteristics of the exhibited dogs as the selection criteria, working dogs attach importance to the functional nature of the original development of the dog breed. For example, the border collie attaches importance to the actual ability to assist herding sheep. Some dog breeds have separate registration of exhibition dogs and working dogs to track their genealogy, such as the Australian Kepi.

  • -- What breed of dog makes a good working dog?

    German Shepherd The German Shepherd is called a universal working dog by many lovers, and it is also called the perfect dog. Whether it is a working dog or a family companion dog, it also performs equally well! Labrador The guide dog is a strictly trained working dog. The best guide dog is Labrador. They are smart, docile and self-controlling. Springer Anti-drug dogs are dog breeds specially trained to detect drugs. They can quickly and accurately check every item in the work of anti-drug. They are most commonly used in public security organs, customs and border armed police forces. If you want to become an anti-drug dog, you must have a sense of smell. Very powerful. Border collie The Border Collie is one of the best shepherd dogs in the world, and is known as the first-class working dog. It is a very energetic, highly alert, brave and hardworking dog breed.

  • -- What is the smartest dog?

    Teacup Poodles Teacup Poodles are a kind of super-small dogs, they are so small that they are smaller than a teacup, so they are called teacup dogs. In the ranking of the smallest dogs, its petiteness can be said to be famous. Small teacup dogs, you can easily put them in your pocket or let them sit on your hands, they are very mini and cute. Chihuahua Speaking of petite dogs, many people think of Chihuahuas. This kind of dog is not only cute, but most of the netizens who have raised it said that this kind of dog is very easy to raise. Hiromi Speaking of super small dogs, everyone will never forget the cute Hiromi. It is small and lively, smart and cute, especially suitable as a companion dog.

  • -- Which dog is best for beginners?

    Golden retriever The Golden Retriever is one of the most common domestic dogs because it is easy to raise, has patience and does not require much from the owner, as long as regular exercise, food and veterinary medical examinations are all you need. The uniqueness of the Golden Retriever lies in its likable character. It is a well-proportioned, powerful and lively dog breed. Labrador Retriever Labrador has multiple sexual loyalty, atmosphere, honesty, gentle, sunny, cheerful, lively, high IQ, and very friendly to people. Labrador Retriever has four colors, namely black, yellow, chocolate, and off-white. The most common are black and yellow.

  • -- What Dog Group is a pitbull?

    A pitbull is a terrier. Most terriers are smart, lively, quick-acting, brave and tenacious, hardworking and faithful. Except for a few kinds of stalks, most of them are produced in the UK. This type of dog is good at digging crypts and hunting small animals such as badgers, foxes, hares, and otters that live in the soil or in the burrows. Their smaller size fits this need. The standard shape for terrier dogs has a beard that can cover the pointed mouth.