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Here we have may-be-stubborn dogs for sale. They are not stupid, they just need your more patience. Check all the selling information you need.

Dog Breeds FAQs
  • -- What is the most difficult breed of dog to train?

    Omnipotent terrier Dogs of this breed are smart and very stubborn. Training this breed is not a simple matter. These dogs are considered to be very temperamental. Bull Mastiff This breed of dog is very aggressive and usually does not get along well with other breeds of dog. Australian Cattle Dog The Australian Cattle Dog is considered to be one of the most difficult breeds to train. This breed is energetic and no other breed can compare with it. This breed is difficult to train, almost impossible to train. Weimaraner This breed of dog is very stubborn, you can't refuse its request. Another important problem is that when you leave the dog alone, it will become anxious, which is a serious problem.

  • -- Why is my dog being so stubborn?

    It's confusing. If different family members try to train it using different methods or commands, it is likely to be confused as to which commands it should listen to and how to respond to each signal. Make sure that every member of your family is using the same methods, commands, and signals to teach your dog's behavior. It is important for your dog to follow the rules for consistency. It's too energetic. Many dogs that appear to be extremely active don't actually get enough exercise. You'd better try to increase the frequency and intensity of walking or playing with your dog. Burning its excess energy can help it pay more attention to you. When it does not have too much-suppressed energy and has no positive way to consume this energy, it will ignore you and not listen to you.

  • -- How do you tell if your dog hates you?

    Three kinds of behaviors dogs like you Like to stick you Dogs will always surround him only if they trust people very much. No matter what you do, I am sticky and very enthusiastic. I am willing to play with you and will not be angry with you. Like to lick your mouth When you hold a dog, it will look at you and lick your mouth. Maybe you will hate this behavior, but for a dog, this is the behavior of people who like and rely on themselves very much. Pounce When you get home every day, the dog will wag its tail and pounce at you. But it didn't see you for a day, it was extremely excited, and it couldn't restrain the joy before it pounced on you. Maybe its paws will hurt your legs. You can train your dog to sit down properly, but you can't strictly stop this behavior, it will hurt your dog.

  • -- How do you discipline a stubborn dog?

    Because of different breeds, dogs have completely different personalities. For those stubborn dogs, the owner must learn to praise your dog. If your dog runs to you happily, the owner can try to take it to a quiet place. If the dog is unwilling to cooperate, the owner can try to reward him with his favorite snack. After it is willing, take it to a quiet place to temper its stubborn character.

  • -- Why won't my dog come when called?

    While it is playing When you are having fun with the dog, you will call the dog back. In this case, you will call the dog by the name of the dog. Most of it will not respond to you because the dog is having fun. When it eats Some owners like to call their dog's name when they eat, which is actually not good. Because the dog likes to eat in a quiet environment, if the owner suddenly calls the dog, the dog will think that you are trying to snatch his food and become very alert. When punishing it In the breeding process, dogs will inevitably make mistakes. At this time, many owners will call the dogs over and punish them. More often, the dog will think you call it by name, and it will be punished only after it passes. In fact, the most important thing for a dog to make mistakes is training and guidance. Use some snacks when training and guidance, so that the dog will quickly correct the error.