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Dog Breeds FAQs
  • -- What is the number 1 smartest dog breed?

    The Border Collie's IQ is equivalent to a 6-8-year-old child, with a strong shepherding instinct. It is naturally intelligent, good at observing words and growing up in friendship with humans. The sheep can truly understand the owner's instructions and can be driven by the gaze of the eyes. It has been regarded as a shepherd dog for many years. Its greatest characteristics are cleverness, strong learning ability, high understanding, easy training, gentleness, loyalty and obedience.

  • -- What is the hardest dog breed to train?

    Omnipotent terrier Dogs of this breed are smart and very stubborn. Training this breed is not a simple matter. These dogs are considered to be very temperamental. Bull Mastiff This breed of dog is very aggressive and usually does not get along well with other breeds of dog. Australian Cattle Dog The Australian Cattle Dog is considered to be one of the most difficult breeds to train. This breed is energetic and no other breed can compare with it. This breed is difficult to train, almost impossible to train. Weimaraner This breed of dog is very stubborn, you can't refuse its request. Another important problem is that when you leave the dog alone, it will become anxious, which is a serious problem.

  • -- What are the easiest dogs to train?

    Labrador Labrador Retrievers are naturally mild, lively, non-aggressive, and high IQ. Labrador Retrievers are gentle, intelligent, good at thinking, bold and careful. Border Collie The Border Collie is energetic, alert and enthusiastic. Be very friendly to friends and have obvious reservations to strangers, and get along well with children. It is also an excellent shepherd dog, he is willing to learn and feel satisfied. Golden Retriever This kind of dog has rich emotions, cheerful personality, likes to play with children, based on genetic characteristics, likes sports very much, and is quite gluttonous. Golden Retriever is very smart and has a great sense of humor.

  • -- What dog has the highest IQ?

    Border Collie The IQ of a border collie is equivalent to that of a 6-8-year-old child and has a strong shepherding instinct. It is naturally intelligent, good at observing words and colors, and grows up in friendship with humans. Teddy Teddy is one of the beautiful styles of small poodles and is considered one of the cutest dogs in the world. Poodle originated in Germany and is known for hunting in the water. It is a very clever dog that likes to hunt. Poodles are easy to train, firm, and have a keen insight in cooperation with people. German Shepherd The German Shepherd is a dog breed with a very high IQ. He is smart, brave and protective. German Shepherds are one of mankind's most trustworthy partners. They can learn tasks quickly and can always give instructions in the first place. Golden retriever The Golden Retriever ranks fourth on the canine IQ rankings, very friendly to children or babies. The Golden Retriever is highly recognized by people because of its high IQ.

  • -- What are the naughtiest dog breeds?

    Chihuahua Although Chihuahuas are small in size, they are also very naughty, and they are always very insecure, so they need more care from the owner. Schnauzer Schnauzers are very brave and aggressive, no matter how big they are, they dare to provoke them, and Schnauzers are very jealous. Moreover, it is also very wary of strangers. As long as it sees strangers passing by or wants to approach, it will bark at others. This requires strict education by the owner! Teddy dog Teddy is a docile and lively dog, and because of this, it likes to play and provocation and many people hate it.