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Here we have the medium dogs for sale. Medium dogs are more suitable for most people. Have a look!

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Dog Breeds FAQs
  • -- What is classed as a medium dog?

    Body weight First, weight is listed as one of the definitions. Although there is no formal definition, it is generally divided into small dogs under 10kg, medium dogs under 10-20kg, and large dogs over 20kg. Height Next, the body height is listed as the basis of the size definition. The so-called body height refers to the body height measured with the dog standing. However, at this time, the head is basically not included, and the height from the ground (foot) to the back is the body height. When defining the size by body height, dog breeds with a body height of less than 40 cm are generally classified as small dogs, those with a body height of about 40 to 60 cm are classified as medium-sized dogs, and those with a body height exceeding are classified as large dogs.

  • -- Is my dog medium or large breed?

    Dog owners have different standards for the definition of the size of their dogs. Body size, ascent height, and dog age will all be used as one of the common measures to define dog size. But we generally use body weight as the standard for measuring dogs. Dogs weighing between 35 and 55 pounds are generally considered medium-sized dogs, while dogs over 60 pounds are generally considered large-sized dogs by most people. Of course, some special dogs may have different definitions.

  • -- What is the biggest dog breed by weight?

    The average large dog weighs about 60 to 70 kilograms, but do you know how much the largest dog in the world weighs? According to records in the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest dog in the world currently weighs 130 kilograms. This big dog is named Kyle, is a female dog, breed is Mastiff from England. Mastiff is the largest dog in the canine category, but its general weight is between 75-90 kg. So many people think that Kyle must be obese and overweight, but after a veterinary examination, it was confirmed that Kyle has no signs of obesity, everything is healthy, and it is still in the growth stage, and it may continue to grow up.

  • -- What is the easiest dog breed to train?

    Border animal husbandry The Border Collie is known for its vigorous energy, solid physique and easy learning of acrobatics. It often performs well in canine competitions and shepherd dog competitions, and is considered by the academic community to be the smartest dog breed. Poodle The Poodle ranks second among the smartest dogs in the world, and the Poodle is also very easy to train. German Shepherd The German Shepherd has a gentle temperament, obeys orders, feels keen, and is highly alert. It is widely used in the military and police, such as anti-drug, security, and reconnaissance. Golden Retriever The Golden Retriever ranks fourth on the canine IQ rankings. He is born with the ability to retrieve prey, is good at tracking and has a keen sense of smell. The Golden Retriever was originally a retriever. Now they are mostly used as guide dogs and pet dogs.

  • -- What is the best dog for a house pet?

    Labrador Labrador is an almost perfect dog, with a sturdy but not obese body, and a very cute appearance, not to mention his personality. It also has the top five IQs and is easy to train. It learns to follow orders the fastest. Basically, you don’t need too much exercise. It’s too reluctant to just walk indoors. At least you have to take it out for a walk for 12-20 minutes every day or every other day. Golden Retriever Golden Retriever doesn’t need to be introduced. It has no shortcomings other than a big appetite. It also has a longer hair and a bigger body. Border collie Border animal husbandry is the dog with the highest IQ. The most distinguishing features are intelligence, strong learning ability, high understanding, easy training, gentleness, loyalty, and obedience. The degree of loyalty can be described as a shadow. Collie It is extremely wise, has an excellent personality, responds well to gentle obedience training, and is willing to please his master.