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Dog Breeds FAQs
  • -- Do I want a male or female dog?

    In the same breed, male dogs may have higher excitability than female dogs and will respond faster to external stimuli, inducements, and changes in conditions, and are more resistant to stimuli than female dogs. It has a better concentration and a calmer personality. Male dogs are more receptive to new things, new environments, or owners than female dogs. Female dogs are more sensitive than male dogs and are more sensitive to the emotions of their owners, any changes in the family, etc., so female dogs will appear particularly timid and dependent on people.

  • -- Which dog is very dangerous?

    Pitbull Pitbull is also called American Pitbull, Pit Bulldog. It has a fierce temperament and likes to bite, and it is even more aggressive in the fighting. Dogo The Dogo Dog is also known as the Argentine Mastiff or the Argentine Dogo. Its name Dogo is also the meaning of a bulldog in Spanish. It is an excellent guard dog breed in South America. Dogo Dogs are tall, strong muscles, vigilant, and aggressive. Kangao Kangao is a famous breed of bulldog in Turkey. It has a fierce temperament and a strong and tall body. He is even more skilled in nursing homes and shepherds. Cathrow The Cathrow is a modified breed of the ancient Italian mastiff. It is a standard large mastiff, with a brave temperament, extraordinary courage, and full of toughness. It used to be used in hunting wild boars and beasts and in nursing homes. Cathro is very alert.

  • -- What is a strong name for a male dog?

    Name with blessings Dog lovers will treat their dogs as their family members, so they also hope that they can grow up healthy and happy without illnesses. So you can use this to name the dog, such as lucky, etc. These kinds of names contain the best wishes from the owner. Use food to name The owner can name the dog according to the food that you like to eat, such as cheese, pudding, milkshakes, strawberries, etc. These are common foods, and these names are very friendly when calling your dog.

  • -- Is the sterilization of male dogs dangerous?

    The complication rate of sterilization surgery is 6.1% for dogs, and the complications are very minor, such as surgical wound inflammation or gastrointestinal discomfort. Male dogs over two years of age are more likely to have complications after sterilization, and dogs younger than 12 weeks are more likely to be infected after surgery. Generally speaking, this is a very common operation. As long as the age is not very old or very young, it will not be dangerous in a general hospital with good conditions. However, cheap sterilization hospitals do not guarantee the conditions for anesthesia and surgery, and there may not necessarily be necessary pain relief measures after surgery, so it is recommended to go to a regular hospital to sterilize the dog.

  • -- At what age should male dogs be neutered?

    Six to nine months Traditionally, the most suitable age for neutering male dogs is 6 months to 9 months old. However, the optimal age is different for different breeds of dogs, but in any case, owners had better not wait until the dog is too old for sterilization. Anesthesia is one of the main risks for your dog. Although respiratory anesthesia is basically used now, the risk rate is much lower than that of ordinary anesthesia. However, for older dogs, anesthesia still has a greater impact, so if you want to sterilize your dog, it is best not to wait until the dog is too old to implement it.