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Here we have independent dogs for sale. They can satisfy your emotional needs without giving you and burden.

Dog Breeds FAQs
  • -- What is the most low maintenance dog?

    1. Poodle, Bichon The VIP we are talking about is the Teddy we usually talk about. Of course, the VIP mentioned here is a small poodle, not a giant! Poodles and Bichon Frises don’t eat much. Compared with Labrador, medium and large dogs, the savings on dog food is not a little bit. 2. Small Doberman, Medium Schnauzer Because of its small size and less food, feeding is not difficult. In addition, small dogs are weak in demolition of their homes. Compared with the losses of Husky Samoyed's demolition, the cost of raising these dogs is negligible. 3. Chinese Pastoral Dog Compared with all dog breeds, the garden dog has good disease resistance, hardly gets sick, is not picky about what to feed, and does not need to do styling and grooming. All the owner needs to bear is some dog food money. So for now, the garden dog It is the dog with the lowest raising cost.

  • -- How to cultivate a dog's independence?

    Self-confidence A dog with strong self-confidence is not prone to anxiety. You may wish to play more games with the dog, fully praise and praise its outstanding performance in the game, and enhance its self-confidence. Gentle communication Communicating with dogs is not only necessary but also effective. Before going out, you have to kindly tell it where you are going, ask it to wait at home, tell it that you will take it out to play when you come back, and leave it with some delicious snacks. Excessive exercise Before going out, you can take your dog to exercise outdoors to make it consume too much energy. In this way, the dog will be more tired when returning home, and hope to fall asleep.

  • -- Is it proper to keep your dog inside?

    The owner neglects to take the dog out for a walk because of his usual work. If you rarely have a rest and want to stay at home, please don't forget to take your dog out for a short walk. From one point of view, walking with your dog will not only help maintain the dog's weight, it will definitely help to enhance the relationship between you and your dog. For some reasons, the dog can only stay indoors, but the owner must arrange the amount of exercise for the dog reasonably.

  • -- Can I leave my dog home alone for 2 days?

    The time a dog can stay at home alone is determined by its age, breed, and temperament. However, if your dog is still young and is too dependent on you, it is best not to let him stay alone for more than two hours. The dog is immature. If you leave for more than two hours or longer, the dog may be anxious, and it may damage the house and cause a lot of unnecessary losses. For those older dogs, it is not recommended that the owner leave for two days to have a bad influence on the dog's psychology.

  • -- Should dogs be outside or inside?

    If your dog can stay outdoors, this is of course a better choice. Because a dog is a social animal, dogs like to play with other dogs, and also like outdoor sports, outdoor is definitely the best place for dogs. If the dog stays indoors for a long time and does not exercise, all the dog can do is to wait for you at home and do nothing else. If the dog stays at home for too long, it will also affect the dog's health.