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Dog Breeds FAQs
  • -- Should you bathe your dog before or after grooming?

    It is best to take a bath before grooming your dog. Because bathing the dog will make the dog's hair clean and easy to groom. When giving your dog a bath, it’s a good choice to use dog shampoo and conditioner appropriately to make the dog's coat clean and easy to handle. The owner should also pay attention to the method when bathing your dog, you’d better not force it to bathe. It's best to comfort your dog first, calm him down, and then slowly bathe him.

  • -- Can a dog groomer sedate a dog?

    Groomers generally do not use tranquilizers on dogs for no reason. Sedatives are drugs that are only beneficial when used appropriately. It plays a key role in relaxing the dog, but in many cases, if the beauty professionals abuse these drugs, it will undoubtedly be physical harm to the dog. For the healthy owner of the dog, attention must be paid to avoid excessive dependence on tranquilizers. Although this will keep your dog temporarily calm, it is more or less detrimental to your dog's health.

  • -- What dogs don’t need haircuts?

    Different breeds of dogs have different sensitivity to temperature. For example, Husky and Samoyed belong to the cold zone dogs. The hair on their body can regulate the temperature and does not need to be sheared. Shearing pet dogs is mainly for aesthetics. For example, for Poodle, Bichon, Pekingese, and other dog breeds shearing are more common, but it is better to leave a length of about 2 cm. Do not cut the hair on the head, tail, and underneath the dog's belly, let alone cut it completely.

  • -- How do groomers keep dogs still?

    Dogs will become restless and nervous due to changes in the environment, let alone grooming. Some breeds of dogs will calm down quickly if you wipe them with a towel on the eyes or other parts of their body, but this does not apply to every breed of dog. But a groomer can use this type of technique to calm the dog. Some dogs will quickly quiet down because they see snacks. It is best for the groomer to take different methods to calm down the dog according to the different personality of each dog.

  • -- How do groomers wash dogs?

    The correct method of bathing is as follows: you’d better place the dog's head on your left side, block the lower part of the dog's head to the chest with your left hand, and fix the dog body. It’s a good choice to put your right hand in the bathtub, use warm water to gently wet the hips, back, abdomen, hind limbs, shoulders, forelimbs in the order. After that, you could apply shampoo, rub the dog gently and use a comb to quickly clean up. You’d better use your fingers before rinsing. Don’t forget to wash the fur of both sides on both sides to wash away the dirt.