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Dog Breeds FAQs
  • -- What is the best breed of dog for herding sheep?

    Border collie It is a fact that most shepherd dogs are extremely intelligent. It is also true that the border collie is called the smartest dog. In addition to the high IQ of the Border Collie, the Border Collie has many advantages, and its appearance is one of its advantages. The border collie's hair is bright and supple, and its eyes are bright as if shining. The limbs of the Border Collie are also extremely vigorous and full of strength. Even people who do not understand dogs will be attracted by it at the first glance.

  • -- What is the smallest herding dog?

    The border collie is a kind of sheepdog native to Scotland. It mainly assists in farm grazing and knows how to control the sheep with eyes. It is the most common breed of Scottish sheepdog. The Border Collie is known for being energetic, physique and easy to learn acrobatics. The border collie is considered the smartest dog breed by academic circles. Its IQ is about the same as that of six or seven-year-old children, so they often perform well and have an advantage in canine competitions and shepherd dog competitions.

  • -- Do herding dogs make good pets?

    Strictly speaking, shepherd dogs are gentle, loyal, obedient, sensitive, vigilant, and IQ. Under normal circumstances, a shepherd dog can get along well with its owner and is loyal and harmonious. It is very suitable for raising as a family dog. The shepherd dog is a pet dog suitable for family raising, but the owner should also pay attention to the method during the breeding process. In the process of raising sheepdogs, in addition to daily diet and training, the hygiene and health of the dogs also need special attention.

  • -- Do herding dogs bark a lot?

    Compared with barking dogs such as poodles, Yorkshire terriers, or Chihuahuas, shepherd dogs are quieter, they just don't bark often. However, if the shepherd dog's mood changes, they will also increase the barking frequency. Sheepdogs will yell in many situations, such as when they are very happy, they will yell. When they feel threatened, they yell. When they feel lonely, they also yell, and so on. To quiet the dog, the owner must know why the dog barks.

  • -- How do you play with herding dogs?

    People are also concerned about the quality of life of border collies. There are also many toys on the pet market for owners to buy. Herding dogs like the border collie, likes toys such as balls and frisbees. These games are very suitable for large border collies and sporty border collies, because this type of toy allows the border collie to get sufficient exercise and exercise the balance and coordination of the limbs. In addition, through interaction with the owner, mutual trust and tacit understanding can be cultivated, which is also beneficial to the Border Collie and can make the Border Collie's emotions and behaviors more stable.