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Dog Breeds FAQs
  • -- What is the name of a female dog?

    Name the pet dog by the name of the food Buns, pudding, milkshakes, cheese, millet, rice, etc. Name your dog with the name of your favorite brand Honda, Mini or cooper, Ferrari, etc. Name the dog after your favorite character Name the dog after a cartoon or some famous character, such as Patton (General), Mei Ya (Crayon Shin-chan's mother), Starbucks (the famous little lion), etc. These names are quite individual Yes, if it is too complicated or not catchy, the owner will usually simplify it in the process of use. Fully personalized name Killer, Abu, Tiedan and so on.

  • -- Is it better to have male or female dog?

    In the same breed, male dogs may have higher excitability than female dogs and will respond faster to external stimuli, inducements, and changes in conditions, and are more resistant to stimuli than female dogs. It has a better concentration and a calmer personality. Male dogs are more receptive to new things, new environments, or owners than female dogs. Female dogs are more sensitive than male dogs and are more sensitive to the emotions of their owners, any changes in the family, etc., so female dogs will appear particularly timid and dependent on people.

  • -- Do dogs know their name?

    The dog can know his name. This learning process of your dog should be the same as an ordinary baby. It is based on the conditioned reflex caused by various positive and negative strengthening. The reason is that dogs learn in the same way as ordinary babies. It is because as humans age, they can gradually develop abstract thinking, while the abstract thinking ability of a dog can hardly reach the level of humans. To give a simple example, abstract thinking is to understand the meaning behind various scales and fonts.

  • -- What is a female dog mean?

    A female dog called bitch, it can now also be used as a demeaning or offensive part of the woman, which means the abuse of women coquettish degrading, but also intended to criticism. It can also be used for men. This word is derived from the bicche in the 1150s, developed from the old English word bicce, and may have evolved from the ancient Icelandic bikkja. The Oxford English Dictionary pointed out that the word meant bitch around 1000 AD, but it is purely used in biology. Nouns are used without criticism, but they are rare in the literature.

  • -- What are some unique names for dogs?

    Time naming method This time can be the day when the dog was born or the first day the dog came to the house, and it can be specific to a certain hour, so the name taken out is more memorable. For example, if a dog was adopted home on the 12th, it can be named the 12th, which is very simple and unique. Image naming At the same time, you can also name the dog according to the image of the dog. For example, the dog’s appearance is snow white and can be named milk. If it is a yellow dog, it can be named pudding. Cartoon image naming method For some friends who like to watch anime, this method couldn't be more suitable. For example, those who like Doraemon are called Dog Doraemon. Memorial naming method The dog’s name can also be used to commemorate someone or something. For example, if the owner likes to watch a basketball game, the dog can be named Rocket. It can also be to commemorate a happy event, directly named happy.