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Dog Breeds FAQs
  • -- Why does a dog shed its coat?

    Seasonal moult In summer, the temperature rises, and out of primitive instinct, the long hair on the puppy will spontaneously fall off, and at the same time some very fine and soft short hairs grow on the skin, like fluff. Its most typical function is to accelerate the dissipation of heat and quickly lower body temperature. Pathological alopecia Some dogs suddenly show signs of shedding in the cold season, with spots or herpes on the skin, and obvious skin dander. The appearance of this symptom is probably not molting, but the dog has some kind of skin disease, hair loss and hair loss. Growth moult In the growth process from puppies to adult dogs, molting will also occur, and this is the lanugo.

  • -- Which dog breeds have the softest fur?

    Shetland Sheepdog The smallest shepherd dog, beautiful and soft coat, smart and dexterous personality are their greatest characteristics. They have amazing intelligence and learning ability, making them ideal companion dogs. Collie It belongs to the largest body in the Collie family. The elegant, romantic, and delicate Su Mu has been liked by many people. This kind of dog has enough patience and gentleness for children, and it is definitely an ideal family companion pet. Golden Touring Dog It has a golden coat, a gentle personality, a witty mind, and a strong physique. The Golden Retriever family can not only be used as a companion, but can also take care of the home and take on the most primitive duties of dogs.

  • -- What is the best medium sized guard dog?

    German Shepherd The German Shepherd is a kind of wolfdog. It has a high IQ and a calm personality. It is also recognized as a police dog and military dog in the world. It is absolutely no problem as a guard dog. There was a German shepherd in the editor of Chagou. The nursing home is good. When strangers come to the house, they keep calling. Chinese Country Dog The Chinese Pastoral Dog has a relatively docile personality, is not easy to attack humans actively, can live in groups, has strong regionality, is easy to raise, has high loyalty, and is not prone to skin diseases. It is widely used in rural housekeeping and early hunting. Border collie The border collie is smart and alert, energetic, enthusiastic and loyal to the owner, but always vigilant to strangers, not only can become an excellent pet dog, but also competent for the job of a watchdog. Moreover, the Border Collie has a great demand for exercise and is suitable for living outdoors. Labrador The Labrador is of medium size, and its good physical fitness helps it become an excellent hunting dog; its strong physique and excellent physical fitness make it enough to cope with the tough working environment and work for hunters for a long time. Steady, clever and agile personality can also be competent for the job of a watchdog.

  • -- What are considered medium sized dogs?

    Height Next, the body height is listed as the basis of the size definition. The so-called body height refers to the body height measured with the dog standing. However, at this time, the head is basically not included, and the height from the ground (foot) to the back is the body height. When defining the size by body height, dog breeds with a body height of less than 40 cm are generally classified as small dogs, those with a body height of about 40 to 60 cm are classified as medium-sized dogs, and those with a body height exceeding are classified as large dogs. Body weight First, weight is listed as one of the definitions. Although there is no formal definition, it is generally divided into small dogs under 10kg, medium dogs under 10-20kg, and large dogs over 20kg.

  • -- Are labs medium or large dogs?

    The Labrador Retriever is a medium-to-large dog, with a gentle, lively personality, high IQ, and very friendly to people. It is a dog breed that is very suitable to be selected as a guide dog or other working dog. Find it with huskies and golden retrievers Hounds rank among the three major non-aggressive dogs. The fur of the Labrador is a double layer, and it is very magical, a layer of soft hair, so that they can maintain the temperature in the cold water. They also have a thick and hard outer layer of wool, which is waterproof. The coat of a Labrador should be short and dense. Labrador's coat colors are mostly black, yellow and chocolate.