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Here we have dogs with long-coat for sale. Their beautiful long hair is the most charming part.

Dog Breeds FAQs
  • -- Do dogs really need coats?

    Dogs have thick fur, which is enough to keep them through the cold winter. But many dog owners have a question, do dogs need coats or clothes? Winter is so cold, will the dog's fur not be enough for them to survive the winter? This problem is very common. But it's totally unnecessary. The dog's own coat is already very thick, which is enough for them to survive the cold winter. Human coats are completely unnecessary for dogs.

  • -- What temperature does my dog need a coat?

    The dog has his own thick fur. But some dogs are hairless or afraid of cold. For this type of dog, the owner can wear a small coat to keep the dog out of the cold. But the owner needs to be aware that when the temperature drops below 45°F, there are some anti-cold dogs, they are not so afraid of the cold, but still need the owner's protection. For those small hairless dogs whose outside temperature is 32°F or lower, the owner should take off their coats. At this time, the coats will not keep them warm.

  • -- Do dogs like being covered with a blanket?

    If it’s summer, dogs don’t need to be covered. The long-haired dog is covered with a blanket in winter, and the owner had better not dress it. Long-haired dogs generally do not need to wear clothes during the winter, and their natural thick coat can keep out the cold. Appropriate cold can stimulate dogs to regulate their body temperature and make their coat thicker. If the owner forcibly dresses the dog. Clothes will hold down the hair, and with constant friction, the dog's hair can easily form hair balls. If the owner does not regularly comb the dog's hair, it will cause the hair to knot. If the hair cannot be untied at the end, it can only be cut off.

  • -- How can you tell if a dog is cold?

    Anxiety When the dog feels cold, it will appear restless, walking back and forth, constantly looking around, and serious expressions. This usually occurs in small milk dogs, small dogs with weak resistance, or dogs who are naturally weak and afraid of cold. Wailing Dogs usually seldom bark, especially howling. When the dog is not injured or has any other abnormal conditions, and suddenly wailes, it means that the dog has already felt very cold, and the owner should promptly keep the dog out of the cold. Not moving in the corner Dogs like sports very much and are always energetic. If the dog always likes to curl up and does not like to move, it means that the dog feels cold and needs to reduce the amount of exercise to store energy and maintain body temperature.

  • -- Should dogs wear coats in the rain?

    The rainy season is the most annoying thing for most dog owners. Dogs love rainy days, and will run out directly when it rains. Many owners worry about whether the dog will be cold. But in fact, most dogs don’t need rain boots on rainy days. Some special breeds of dogs, like short-haired dogs, they need to wear raincoats and rain boots, which can definitely protect their bodies because they usually do not have thick undercoats to help them withstand the cold and rain.