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We have a variety of calm dogs for sale here, from large to small and with so many breeds to choose from. Calm dogs are your best friend when you just need a moment of yourself.

Dog Breeds FAQs
  • -- Why is my dog so calm?

    There are many reasons why a dog is so calm, which is mainly determined by the master's understanding of your dog. Generally, dogs are more lively and active, and the possible reason for becoming calm is that the dog has been tamed by you, your dog has become well-behaved, and you follow your instructions. But it is also possible that your dog has become less active and active with age. If the owner wants to figure out why the dog has become so calm, he still needs to observe your dog's daily life carefully.

  • -- Which is the calmest dog breed?

    One of the calnest dog breeds is the Labrador. Labrador Retriever is a large dog, but it has a very gentle and calm personality, and it has become a breed that more and more people love. Labrador Retrievers are friendly, honest and loyal, lively and cute, weak aggressive, strong obedience, strong learning ability, easy to train, often trained as guide dogs, police dogs, etc., and gradually become very popular dogs. Many people choose the Labrador as a family companion dog.

  • -- Why do dogs always lick you?

    Show respect: Dogs have a strict social class status. Low-level dogs will lower their bodies and show respect and submission to high-level dogs. Friendship and intimacy: Sometimes a dog licks a person's face as an expression of intimacy. Dogs lick each other, not only to help clean, but also to communicate and express kindness to each other. Dogs lick human feet and hands: Sometimes it is because of salt on the hands and feet, or it may be because of body odor on the hands and feet. Some dogs like body exuded by human hands and feet The smell, even the secretion caused by the wounds of Hong Kong feet and hands and feet will attract dogs.

  • -- What dogs have the best temperament?

    Golden Retriever The golden retriever is enthusiastic and lively, friendly to people, even strangers are also very friendly, and it is often said that cats and dogs do not fit in the golden retriever, it does not work here, the golden retriever's good temper can get along with dogs very friendly. Labrador The performance on working dogs is also very good (guide dogs), with a more docile personality, loyal, smart, calm, and obedient. Husky Regardless of how stupid the huskies appear to people, they are actually more calm and friendly to people and generally do not take the initiative to attack people.

  • -- Which is the most friendliest dog?

    Golden Retriever Golden Retrievers are usually called golden retrievers by us. They are a very calm, intelligent, confident, and friendly dog. They have high patience and are especially suitable for getting along with children. Labrador Labrador Retrievers are very loving, especially like to play, and they are very attached to the owner, so they will always pay attention to the owner. Poodle The standard poodle is very calm, smart, and adventurous, while the mini-type prefers to stay with the owner and be a quiet, beautiful dog.