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Buy 8 to 12 Weeks Puppies Online

Here we have 8-12 weeks old dog for sale. They are so vulnerable that remember to care good care of them.

Dog Breeds FAQs
  • -- Is it OK to get a 12 week old puppy?

    The time when a dog is suitable for being taken home by the owner varies with the dog breed. Generally speaking, 11 to 12 weeks is only suitable for certain dog breeds. A puppy of 8 to 12 weeks is best to stay with the bitch for a while, and when it grows up, it can leave the bitch. This is also different according to the dog's body type and breed. The puppies of those large dogs don't have to wait so long.

  • -- How much does an 8 week old puppy sleep?

    Generally speaking, puppies spend more sleep time at this stage, which is similar to humans. Most puppies sleep for about 18 to 20 hours a day, but this is only a rough figure, because different breeds of dogs have different sleep times. A longer sleep time is conducive to the development of various physical abilities of the dog and prepares for a normal life. At this stage, the owner should pay more attention to the health of the dog.

  • -- How long can 12 week puppy hold pee?

    This stage of 10 to 12 weeks is the stage of rapid growth and development of puppies, including their bladder capacity is also increasing, but at this stage of the puppies 2 hours is still the most puppies at this stage can hold the most urine Long time. As the dog gets older, the waiting time will gradually get longer. Three-month-old puppies can wait three hours, and four-month-old dogs can wait four hours.

  • -- What do I do when my 12 week puppy cries at night?

    If the puppies at this stage cry in the middle of the night without any external stimuli, they may be hungry or want to play with you. Help the dog consume excess energy, otherwise it will use this energy to make noise. The owner can provide it with more opportunities to go out as a way for it to express itself. Long-distance daily walks can satisfy it and calm down due to fatigue, or it can run, play and cheer in a safe environment with fences. If your dog starts to bark to get your attention, you should wear a training collar and chain for some obedience training.

  • -- Where should a 12 week puppy sleep the first night?

    First of all, you’d better make sure that a 12 week puppy is very, very tired. If it feels tired, it needs to rest when it is not active, then guide it to follow you to the place you arranged for it. It must be directed to follow you. Use toys or snacks to guide it. Never pick it up and throw it directly into the cage. Walk to the designated place, put snacks or toys in the cage, and instruct it to automatically enter and play. The owner should stay with him, wait for it to be tired of chewing snacks, playing with toys, and slowly quiet down to sleep, then you gently close the cage and leave.