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Here we have 3 years old dog for sale. Have a check of all the selling information! There may be a perfect dog for you!

Dog Breeds FAQs
  • -- What is the youngest age you can sell a dog?

    The puppies are just born and have poor immunity. Leaving the bitch home too early may cause various problems. Experts generally recommend that puppies should go home within the age range of 8 to 12 weeks. The puppies that are about to full moon already have a certain resistance, and the owner will be easier to take care of. The puppies are still relatively fragile at this time, and the owner must be patient and spend more time with them and observe their daily routines.

  • -- Can a 3 year old dog still be trained?

    You can continue training. It's just that the owner needs to pay more time, energy and patience. 1. Training a dog can actually educate your dog, and you will learn the methods to help your dog better integrate into society and live in harmony with humans. 2. Training a dog means that you need to spend time with your dog, at least ten minutes a day to review what you have learned. Both the owner and the pet dog will find that this time is full of fun, which helps to strengthen the relationship between the dog and the owner. 3. Dogs learn to respect their owners through training and regard them as their own leaders. 4. Training can help dogs overcome some common problems, such as being over-excited when seeing guests visiting.

  • -- Is owning 3 dogs too much?

    If you have three dogs, you can definitely cultivate the relationship between the dogs, they can also grow up with each other, and even a lot of trouble can be avoided very cleverly. Three dogs and three children are two different situations. If you have three dogs, they can be a good balance. Dogs and dogs will also become very harmonious, and the owner generally does not need to worry too much about the problems between dogs.

  • -- Is owning a dog worth it?

    Many owners think that keeping a dog will cause a series of problems and troubles, and various expenses have to be considered because of the existence of dogs. Generally some untrained dogs are easy to get along with them, because dogs are very close to humans. However, if you try to train your dog, the domesticated dog becomes cute and interesting. You will slowly accompany it for daily walks, play, physical examinations, etc., and even the dog will become your loyal partner and will always be with you silently.

  • -- How long can I leave my puppy alone?

    The owner must remember to visit his dog and do not leave him at home alone for a day. This will definitely have a certain impact on the dog's health. Studies have shown that a 3-month-old puppy can wait at home for up to 3 hours, while a 4-month-old puppy can wait 4 hours. But when your dog is 6 months old, your puppies will be like most adult dogs. A three-year-old puppy can stay at home alone for up to six hours. Beyond this time, the dog will show all kinds of restlessness because he is alone at home.