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Here we have 2 years old dog for sale. Have a check of all the selling information to see if there is any puppy you want.

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Dog Breeds FAQs
  • -- Is a dog full grown at 2 years?

    If you have a 2-year-old dog in your family, although it is still very cute, it is actually a middle-aged dog. Every dog enters puberty when it is about 10 months old. Under normal circumstances, about a year after birth, the dog has basically matured and can breed next generation. The growth rate of dogs is different from that of human beings. They grow very fast. But as they age, their aging rate will slow down.

  • -- How do you potty train a dog that is 2 years old?

    1. Take an unused rag (about 30cm*30cm) to soak the dog's urine. The du rag should have no other smell. zhi 2. Put it in your bathroom, don't put it too much in the beginning, lest the dog can't see it or smell it. 3. Dogs are used to going to the toilet in a familiar place. After asking their own taste, they go to the toilet at a fixed point. It takes a long time to develop a habit. 4. If the dog is still going to the toilet in another place, the owner can clean it and wipe it with white vinegar to avoid leaving his smell. Final note: The best and best way to solve your dog's urination is to take him out for a walk. Dogs don't like going to the bathroom at home. Go out once a day in the morning and evening to make sure your home is clean!

  • -- How much does it cost for a dog for a year?

    1) The monthly regular cost is dog food. Large dogs eat more and small dogs eat less. The price of each dog food brand version also varies greatly. Of course, you can make your own dog food, but there are many precautions for a reasonable ratio. 2) The vaccine is still recommended. If you are sick, you will spend more money. 3) Some breeds of dogs still need grooming, such as VIPs and Schnauzers. Bathing and grooming also require a part of the cost. Of course, it can also be solved at home, as long as the owner is patient.

  • -- Is it too late to potty train my dog?

    It's never too late to train a dog's potty, and it's quick for a puppy to learn how to fix it. There are many designated places, and some are designated in the bathroom or balcony at home. At the beginning, you can wipe the puppy's butt, and then put it in a fixed place, the puppy will find a place that smells convenient. The puppy always has some fixed actions before it is convenient, such as lowering his head and repeatedly smelling in a small area, walking back and forth, etc., as soon as he finds such actions, he will be carried to a designated place for his convenience. After the convenience is over, the owner had better praise him and let him know that he did it right.

  • -- How do vets determine a dog's age?

    Tooth Newborn puppies have no teeth in their mouths. As the dog grows up, it begins to slowly emerge teeth, and then after changing teeth, it grows permanent teeth. At this point, all the teeth of the dog’s mouth are all the same. Hair and nose A specific dividing line to distinguish the age of a dog is whether there is old hair. Aged hair development refers to the appearance of gray hair. It first occurs in the lip area and the jaw area. Young dogs have less gray hair. If the dog has more and more gray hair, it means that the dog is entering a period of aging. Physical conditions The body of young and middle-aged dogs will be stronger and stronger, and the body will be very light and active when exercising. Elderly dogs over 10 years old will behave sluggishly and walk a little slowly. It’s best for the owner to take more exercises with the dog.