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Here we have dogs that more than 16 weeks for sale. Let's have a look.

Dog Breeds FAQs
  • -- Is a 16 month old dog still a puppy?

    Normally, the growth rate of puppies is quite fast, much faster than human growth. Veterinarians point out that puppies are generally in adulthood between 1 and 2 years old. However, the owner should pay attention to that the adulthood of a dog is not instant, which requires careful observation and guidance of the owner. However, the adult period of a dog is not the same, which is related to the dog's breed, body shape, and health status.

  • -- How long can you leave a 16 week old puppy?

    The time a dog spends alone will change as the dog grows. Generally speaking, the older the dog is, the more independent it will be and the longer it will be alone. But this is just a general rule, different breeds of dogs, the owner can leave at different times. Experts point out that the average owner of puppies between 8 and 10 weeks old can leave for an hour. Owners of puppies between 11 and 14 weeks old can leave for up to three hours. Owners of puppies between 15 and 16 weeks old can leave for up to four hours.

  • -- What should I expect from my 15 week old puppy?

    At this stage, the various functions of the heart and body of the dog have reached a certain stage of maturity. At this time, if the owner wants to train the dog some new skills, the dog can accept the challenge at this time, but of course he has to wait for the dog to be ready. Generally speaking, puppies usually enter a period of fear at 14 to 16 weeks of age. The puppies at this stage will panic about everything in the outside world. At this time, the owner should also care about your puppies.

  • -- How far should a 16 week old puppy walk?

    With the increasing age of the dog, the amount of exercise for the dog is also different. Generally, as the age increases, dogs need more exercise. A 12-week-old puppy should walk for at least 15 minutes a day, a 16-week-old puppy should not take less than 20 minutes of walking, and a 6-month-old puppy can accept up to 30 minutes of exercise. It is worth noting that the owner must take the dog for a walk regularly, or keep the dog at home.

  • -- How much time should I spend with my 16 week old puppy?

    Generally speaking, 16-week puppies need at least 3 hours of company, exercise and maintenance a day. With the owner's company, puppies can grow healthier. No matter how busy the owner is, he must remember to set aside a certain amount of time every day to accompany the dog, walk and exercise with him, this is definitely very helpful and beneficial to the dog's health.