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Buy 12 to 16 Weeks Puppies Online

Here we have 12-16 weeks dogs for sale. They are old enough to understand this world. Let's see if there is anyone right for you.

Dog Breeds FAQs
  • -- How much do 16 week old puppies sleep?

    Puppies from 3 months to one year old can already walk or even run. Naturally, all their time cannot be used by them to sleep. Therefore, the sleep time of a 16-week dog will definitely be reduced. Generally speaking, a 16-week-old dog sleeps about 14 hours a day. So, you find that your dog has had enough play, go to sleep when he is full. Don't worry, the owner, these are normal phenomena for your 16-week-old puppy.

  • -- How far can a 16 week puppy walk?

    A 20-minute walk is fine for a 16-week puppy. The physical health of a dog is absolutely related to the appropriate amount of activity. Whether it is a puppy in the growth period or a large dog that is moving towards aging, it is very important to go to the outside world. Going for a walk can exercise your puppy's body, and the ultraviolet rays in the sun can also kill bacteria and parasites on the dog. The owner can let the dog urinate and urinate, and it is convenient for the dog to urinate when going for a walk.

  • -- How do you discipline a puppy?

    Prepare a schedule Puppies need a consistent schedule to learn where they should excrete. The owner can plan to take her outside according to a fixed schedule every day. Restricted to a specific area in the room For the first few months you should keep an eye on your dog so that as soon as she goes to the bathroom, you can take her out immediately. If you give her too much freedom in the house at the beginning, she will urinate and urinate everywhere, and you can't catch her in time. Praise your puppy when she is good When the puppy successfully learns to use the toilet at the place she designated, praise her, touch her and give her something delicious. The reward will encourage her to perform well again.

  • -- How much should a 16 week old puppy eat?

    Experts recommend reasonable feeding according to the dog's weight at 16 weeks. Generally, there are recommended feeding amounts on the back of the dog food bag. Take Kabi as an example, feed 74-125g, 4.5-11.3, 125-247/11.3-22.7, 247-416g a day for 2.2-4.5kg. If your dog food is better, the dog can feed less. If the owner feeds cheap dog food, you'd better give extra meat and eggs to the 16-week dog.

  • -- At what age can you bathe a puppy?

    Puppies generally have to be born for two months before they can take a bath. Too early to bathe the dog’s body resistance is low, and the dog is prone to get sick and even die. Puppies under the age of half should not be bathed in water, but dry cleaning is better, that is, every day or the next day, the owner can spray conditioner and baby powder diluted more than 1000 times, if you are diligent in grooming, you can replace washing.