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Will you choose a bedlington terrier?

The Bedlington terrier‘s coats look split, but I like the way they look. It’s so unique that I can’t think of another variety that is really comparable. I know aesthetics is not the only reason to buy a dog, so I’d like to see if anyone here has ever had a dog experience. Are they expensive to maintain? Friendly? Smart? I can’t find much information about them. They seem to be a very rare species. However, I am totally infatuated with their appearance, so I want to know whether the Bedlington terrier’s general personality type also suits you.

Will Bellington Terrier be your first dog?

The first dog I’m going to keep on my own yes. I had a family dog; a Belgian malinois hybrid. He’s one of my favorite dogs I’ve ever met. Very calm and cool-tempered, rarely barking. Love love. He’s definitely a lover, not a fighter. However, I have nothing to do with his training. I helped, but when we first adopted him, I was still young. So this will be my first attempt to train dogs more or less.
Describe your ideal dog.
Friendly, naughty, smart, gentle. I don’t mind if they are “high maintenance” in the sense that they need to walk or play a lot. I have no problem paying attention. I want to spend a lot of time with my dog and I want him to believe me.

What breed or type of dog are you interested in? Why?

As I said above, I’ve been very interested in Bedlington terriers recently because of their very unique appearance and moderate size. The Scottish deerhound looks very similar. But I know less about them. I like big dogs, but I think smaller dogs are easier to care for and generally more approachable. Other breeds I’m interested in are Border Collies (don’t think I don’t have enough room for those guys), poodles, German shepherds, and huskies. Like many novice dog games, also really like the wolf to see the dog idea. However, due to some rough searches here I see all the problems with having one. It may seem superficial, but one of my biggest attractions to dogs is how well it stands out in your average dog. I don’t like long coats either, so I think Bellington has the perfect size and beauty. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this in real life.

What do you want to train your Bellington?

Obviously basic. Besides, I also want something convenient, such as training him to go outside to relax, or to inform me in some way that he needs to go out (ring a bell or my dog will wait at the yard gate if he wants to go out). I hope it obeys orders well. For example, heel, standing, sitting, etc. To be honest, I may not do crazy things. I’m not familiar with things like training. But just teach it some tricks to impress the ladies.