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Will the Pomeranian changes color?

Pomeranian change color after changing the coat hair. Pomeranian is black and gray when it is small. Can Pomeranian grows up to change color? The Pomeranian comes in many colors, not just yellow and orange, such as cream, cream-grey, orange-grey, black and Tan, and variegated. (usually predominantly white). Black, Brown, gray, or orange patches must be distributed throughout the body of the Pomeranian. Pure White Pomeranian once the hair is withered and yellow, it will greatly affect its appearance value, so pet owners need to find out what is caused by, and then through reasonable measures to help Pomeranian solve the problem. Here are some possible causes of discoloration in Pomeranians.


1. Lack of nutrition in the body

When the home of the Pomeranian hair color is not good, dry, easy to break, and so on, it may be due to pet owners long-term to pomeranian eat a portion of single dog food, daily intake of nutrition is not balanced resulting in hair color. There is also the pet owners in the feeding of Pomeranian, do not pay attention to control the intake of salt, resulting in Pomeranian intake of excessive salt, so on the skin and hair have a certain impact. At this time, pet owners can feed a little bit of Salmon, Avocado, carrots, and other nutritious food, pet owners can also feed some pet nutrition to Pomeranian.

2. Lack of sunlight

Pomeranian pet owners in long-term confinement in the home did not get a reasonable amount of sunshine and exercise, so the color will only get worse and worse. Pet owners in order to restore the health of Pomeranian hair color, when the weather is fine, can take Pomeranian outdoor bask in the sun, appropriate activities, can increase physiology, blood circulation, let Pomeranian hair denser, more oily.


3. Improper bathing practices

Pet owners in the bath to Pomeranian, not too often, is not the more frequently washed the cleaner. Because the dog’s cuticle protection layer is more fragile if frequent bathing will destroy the Pomeranian cuticle protection layer, and therefore also has a certain impact on the hair. In addition, owners should not use human cleaning products to bathe Pomeranian. Otherwise, long-term use will affect the skin and hair quality of Pomeranian. Color deterioration is only a minor problem. If it is serious, even leads to Pomeranian skin damage suffered from skin disease, hair loss, baldness, and other bad consequences.