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Will Schnauzer turn to its owner for help?

Schnauzer is a patient, gentle pet. And therefore more suitable for busy wage earners to feed, but if Schnauzer if there are these 6 behaviors, that is to ask you for help, pet owners do not neglect! Let’s take a look together.


1. Keep scratching inside its ear

Schnauzer’s ears are bent inside, so it’s easy for Mites to grow inside them. If you see Schnauzer scratching his ears repeatedly, indicating that his ears are Itchy, the owner quickly helps him clean up the ear Mites, to prevent him from scratching the inside of his ears, the adverse effects are more serious. If it shakes its head frequently, it usually means there is something wrong with his ears. It usually relieves the discomfort in his ears by shaking his head. One of the advantages of shaking its head is to throw out the dirt deep in the ear canal. We can find out if there is something wrong with the inside of Schnauzer’s ears by examining the inner walls of his ears. The inside of the normal dog’s ear should be pink without a peculiar smell. The hair in the ear is dry and does not stick to the hand. If you find Brown mucus inside the ear, it must indicate that there is something wrong with the ear.

2. Hum

Schnauzer was always quiet and a gentle dog, but if Schnauzer raised a Ruckus more than usual with a series of screams and grunts, it was a sign he wasn’t feeling well and was asking for your help.

3. Bend over and stretch

Schnauzer usually wakes up or wants to invite you to play the game, but this posture has been for a long time, in addition to its vision has been down, small tail motionless, if his eyes are glazed over, it’s likely he has a stomachache.
The owner is likely to wonder if the dog ate something by mistake, or if it has chronic pancreatitis.


4. Curl up in a ball and don’t move

The sleeping position of the dog has always been very forthright, sprawled, the lack of security of the dog, it is likely to curl up to sleep. But if the dog is in serious pain, it will curl up to protect itself. If Schnauzer at home suddenly likes to lie on his stomach and curl up in a corner, that means he’s probably upset. This time the owner can use some snacks to lure it out, take it as early as possible to check, in case it gets worse.

5. Be More clingy

Schnauzer had such a strong will for pain that sometimes it was difficult for the owner to spot it. But SCHNAUZER, who has always been alone, if he suddenly clings to you and looks at you uneasily, it shows that he is ill. If you notice his discomfort, you must not ignore him.

6. Grind butt

If Schnauzer has a personal habit of grinding his hips, it shows that there is no doubt that something is wrong with it. If it’s not the butt that wants you to Clean It; if it’s not the worm that needs to be removed; if it’s not the anal gland that wants you to squeeze it.