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Will a Great Dane destroy my house?

It is very common for Great Dane to steal, destroy, bite, play with household products such as tissue rolls and toilet paper. While this behavior can be funny at first, it can end up incredibly frustrating. I want to solve this problem for you in a simple way.

Limit your Great Dane’s access to problematic household items

You need to focus on limiting your dog’s access to your home and what you don’t want him to steal. Every time he steals, plays, chews, or even destroys a tissue roll, he gets something from it and becomes very good at it. This step is all about management, usually at the same time as training.


Looking for your Great Dane, why does it do these destructive acts

The second thing you need to think about is why your dog steals these things. Why does he chew these things? What did he get from them? Does he need to chew something you may not be able to satisfy? Does he have a need to play that you may not be satisfied with? Think about why your dog is stealing these things, and how you can meet his needs in a more appropriate way.

Train your Great Dane to stop stealing and biting household goods

While the first step focuses on managing the situation in real-time, the third step is to teach your dog a new, better behavior. To train your dog to stop stealing and biting these things, first think about what you want him to do around them and reinforce this behavior in a series of short training sessions. While it’s absolutely worth teaching “leave it tips,” you won’t use tips in these courses. Instead, capture the behavior you like (for example, ignore the tissue roll) because you want it to be your dog’s default behavior. This way you can teach your dog to make the choice you like around the tissue roll.


Let your Great Dane learn to sit down

You can put a tissue roll behind your back and put it in front of your Great Dane for him to see. Mark and reward him when he notices the tissue roll and doesn’t take it. You can make the game more challenging, get the tissue roll closer to your dog, or move it when you show it. Remember to take small steps here so your dog can enjoy the game and succeed. Don’t start with simple rewards and dog tags if you like. Step back, make the game a little easier, and then move on.