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Will a Great Dane attack an intruder?

Will a Great Dane attack an intruder? Ask yourself how you interpret the phrase watchdog, and then think about the difference between a real watchdog and a family watchdog, or what you usually call a watchdog. The key is that many people misunderstand the word “watchdog”. Here is how to explain it. The watchdog guards anything, whether it’s a business office, a locked home full of valuables, or any other area that is isolated and safely accessed. A watchdog is trained to attack anything or anyone who invades, invades, or steps on its territory. Unfortunately, it could be an innocent person, child, or another animal that has never been threatened! Guard dogs, also known as patrol dogs or sentinel dogs, are less socialized and are usually selected from more aggressive breeds than the Great Danes. Once “on duty,” they only do one thing, guarding and protecting an area and anything that invades it. Without command or trainer/trainer control, the dog is self-programming and attacking!


The Great Dane is more like a family companion

The real watchdog is very aggressive, territorial, and defensive in nature. With limited socialization and obedience, dogs react instinctively. Generally speaking, only trainers and selected individuals can control a watchdog. They are not good at communicating with children, other dogs, or family members at work. We can understand why the Great Dane, as a watchdog, is not a suitable candidate in the true sense of the word. Over the centuries, modern Danes have become companion animals after careful selection and breeding. The breed standard of big Dane is “always friendly and reliable”, which is far from the real watchdog.


The Great Dane has the characteristics of a protective dog

To be honest, the Great Dane is the perfect watchdog and, if you like, it has some real watchdog qualities. The watchdog range from the smallest toy breed, such as Chihuahua, or miniature pincers, to the big and impressive breed such as the big Dan. Watchdogs have one thing in common: they bark, bark, whine or yell. Your big Dane makes perfect sense as a family watchdog and family safety. The barking of the Danes will make most invaders run for their lives. A low rumble and a statue-like gaze through the bedroom window will freeze most intruders on their tracks, or do 180 degrees and run! In a sense, this is what we see as guards.
In short, a properly raised and socialized Great Dane is not a burden. Aggressive behavior and unexpected attacks will not be a problem. A trustworthy Great Dane will thrive in a home environment and be gentle with children and other animals. The Great Danes’ timidity and suspicion of strangers are usually expressed in negative self-confidence, but their huge size and powerful deep barking are very frightening and can be an excellent deterrent to any threat to you and your family.