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Why you shouldn’t get a German shepherd?

1. You don’t like German shepherd’s hair everywhere

This is a very important point. “If you don’t like hair everywhere It’s everywhere. So the German Shepherd is not for you. Hair is a major factor in this breed. The damage and require regular coat maintenance, especially if you have a long-haired German shepherd, in which case you will also have to deal with knots. German shepherd dogs often come to us, covered with dead hair. If that doesn’t stop you, be sure to make good friends with your beautician.


2. You like clean very much

Mud may be good for improving the beauty, but it’s not so good when you have a muddy paw or the smell of a wet dog coming from the house. If you’re worried that a heart/wet/smelly dog can affect your home, then German shepherd dogs are not for you. Oh, don’t expect new purchases to be one by one. The German shepherd’s individual told me how their dog bed exploded the fluff!

3. You like everything to be the same

The design of the German shepherd dog is perfect!! Their tails are the best height to clean the coffee table, and of course, you can drink coffee. The kitchen table is the best height for them to rest their heads on when you eat. They also need large toilet bags for cleaning after cleaning. It’s not wise to leave them alone in the backyard and your latest acquisition. So if you like to put things down and go back to get them later, maybe German shepherd dogs are not suitable for you.

4. Do you want a German shepherd outside?

Dogs are gregarious, so are German shepherds. They may have separation anxiety from their team (including you). They are the happiest as a family, and being left unattended can only lead to mischief. If you don’t want to share your inner space with German shepherds, they’re not your ideal dog.

5. You don’t have the energy to play with German shepherds

German shepherd dogs are active both mentally and physically. They need mental and physical stimulation to become happy members of society. Your dog needs to feel useful and needed and to be part of the family. If you can’t walk, you can’t play, you can’t be there for your GSD, then they’re not the right dog for you.


6. Your situation may change

Very clever and loyal, a German Shepherd remembers their relationship with their original owner. After separation, German shepherd dogs suffer from mental and health problems, which are exacerbated by being kept in a pound. Keeping a dog is a lifelong commitment to a dog. If you only plan to have a German shepherd for a while, or you think their size may be a problem. Don’t buy it. The rescue team is full of dogs who have lost their homes due to changes in their living environment.

7. You are looking for a watchdog

The idea that all German Shepherds are aggressive and good watchdog dogs is a myth. They protect their masters because they love and cherish their masters. All dogs, including German shepherds, have the instinct of protection and protection. However, if you want to buy a German shepherd dog and put it in your backyard to ensure the safety of your car and property, I suggest you change to a home alarm system.