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Why should you get a puggle?

We’re talking about puggle, we’ve been arguing about what breed of dog is best for us, and puggle is in the top three. The problem is that they’re not common in the places we live in (Scandinavia), so we don’t know who owns them and there are very few breeders. So, can you tell me what makes them so great? I can tell you what we are looking for in dogs.


Small and medium-sized puggle

We live in an apartment, and we don’t have a car to safely transport a bigger dog. puggle is friendly to children and other dogs, and puggle doesn’t shed too much hair. puggle is proactive but doesn’t need to train and exercise regularly. We are all working, but we can walk in the morning and evening, sometimes at lunchtime. We can also get into the park, so over average exercise is not a problem, but it’s not three hours a day. Besides, we’re both in good health and quite active, so don’t get me wrong: puggle does exercise and socializes.


Puggle is sociable

We have both children and dogs in our family, so puggles need to be able to socialize with both. We will definitely choose female puggle because this is what we are used to. Small to the medium: my puggle is about 25 pounds. She’s not that small, I’ll step on her, but she’s big enough to pick it up if you need to. Friendly to children and other dogs: my dog is more friendly than me. She likes to meet new friends – especially children! She never cries when we go to the vet. There are two other thugs in my apartment. They are very friendly.
My puggle often loses hair. I wish I could say something else, but I put a flannelette in my closet! Active, but doesn’t require regular training and exercise: I take my dog to a dog park or run twice a week. She can only run three miles at 10 minutes. puggle is not the kind of breed for long-distance travel. I often work long hours and she is comfortable all day.