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Why should we train a Corgi puppy from three mouths old?

We’d better start training the Corgi when it’s three months old. If the owner of the dog too early to carry out training, at this time the dog’s human body is not perfect, and not suitable for training dogs. But if the owner trains Corgi too late, it will be very easy for the dog to develop a lot of bad habits, and it will be more difficult to correct them.


1. Training in different periods:

(1) Within 3-5 months, we can carry out basic etiquette knowledge and obedience training, such as sitting, lying, designated defecation, refusing food, and so on.
(2) In the case of Corgi 6-8 months can carry out the small compressive strength of running, jumping training.
(3) At the age of 8 months to 1.5 years old, he has been able to carry out some technical and professional obstacle training.

2. Training at the right time

We should pay attention to opportunities when training puppies. Rewards must be given at the right time to ensure that dogs can connect proper personal behavior with rewards. We train puppies not to order too long, preferably a word or a voice means a posture. More common commands include: look at me, stay, lie down, etc.


3. Corgi’s designated defecation training method

(1) The owner can spread newspaper or special-purpose disposable diaper in a fixed place. When Corgi wants to urinate, he can get it to the toilet. If the dog can defecate properly in a specific place, the owner should be able to give moderate material encouragement in time.
(2) If the owner finds out that the dog is not defecating at a specific place, he should be given a strict reprimand to let him know that it is not right to do so.
(3) The host should have the patience to train Corgi constantly. The place of urination doesn’t need to change. Corgi will gradually cultivate the habit of designated defecation and defecation.