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Why is puggle bad?

Today, I saw that the local news channel wral chose a puggle (beagle, half breed) as their first candidate, which they called the “bad dog challenge.”. The project helps pet owners with incredible bad pets trying to provide some obedience through teaching skills on how to deal with specific bad behaviors. For example, puggle in this issue likes to chew everything in front of her eyes, steal things (maybe clothes, towels, and blankets, if I have to guess), bark, and shake her crates while in a cage.


We may lose objects

I’m not surprised at all because of my recent experience with puggles (since November 2006). In fact, to make their disobedience more interesting, we raised a boy and a girl from the same nest, so that they liked each other more than we did and always followed each other before us. For the dogs described as having the best features of a puggle (which I haven’t found yet) and the positive aspects of the Beagle (very cute but strong instincts), I have to say there’s something missing upstairs.

Puggles are stubborn

Maybe they’re stubborn, maybe they just don’t learn, or both, and our professional trainer spent three months in a dog farm and took three months to get them back to our processing system, he yelled. As a result, they came back to us. They were very happy to be back home. They were very loving and broke in a little bit. Biting, barking, screaming (a unique puggle trait), soiling the house, stealing socks, licking shoes and sandals, eating feces, jumping, playing actively in the house, and attracting attention.


Puggles are very energetic

But puggles are really cute when they’re sleepy (which may be the only virtue of a puggle). Some suggestions for future owners who love to fight. You need to train devoutly at the beginning (maybe for one or two years in a row), never let them wander around the house without supervision, buy lots of nylon ropes, try to exhaust them, and, no matter how cute they are in the breeding facility, they can’t get two (especially siblings in the same nest). We also found that because of their sensitive noses (probably beagles, given the lack of talent for puggles), they take twice as long as normal dogs, even if they have to go to the bathroom. It’s a fenced yard to come really convenient, which is a must with this breed.
Just make sure you have a privacy fence or fence at least four feet high, with no more than 1.5 inches of clearance between them (they are puppies, after all). They are expected to ignore passers-by, but when another dog approaches, they bark and scream at each other (we haven’t figured out yet because they don’t really bark at passing dogs).