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Why is my puggle so fat?

For most of us, it can be a sensitive topic: obesity. We all know that being overweight is bad for us. It’s not good for our puggle babies either. Today, we’re going to discuss why it might be a good idea to pay close attention to your puggle’s waistline, and what you can do to make sure your puggle has a summer-ready body!


Fat can make puggles difficult to breathe

One of the things we like about a puggle is its dirty face. But it also means that they are born with a disease called short head airway syndrome (BAS). It could mean breathing a little bit. If you’ve ever imitated a puggle – I bet you’ve all done it! You know what it’s like to breathe like a puggle! What does this have to do with obesity? The extra weight makes it harder for a puggle to breathe.
Not to mention all the other difficulties of obesity. For example, puggles are more prone to heat stress when they are overweight in summer. There is more stress on the puggle’s joints, leading to long-term arthritis. puggles are prone to diabetes and fatty liver disease. Extra skin wrinkles can be infected.

Is it my fault that puggles are overweight?

You don’t have to take all the responsibility for it. puggles are actually more likely to gain weight than other dogs. Part of the reason is the appetite of the famous puggle – many of them seem to be less fussy about their food. The endurance of puggles to exercise is also low. Breathing problems, combined with their bulky bodies, mean that exercise can be difficult. Combining appetite with impatience gives you an extra secret of love.


Is my puggle fat?

Obesity is not just a number on a scale. We would never expect a 190-centimeter man to weigh as much as a 150-centimeter woman. It’s logical that a bigger, taller puggle should be heavier than a smaller, shorter puggle.
Instead, we rely on the so-called “physical condition score.”. It’s a 9 (or 5, depending on which part of the world you’re in). 1 / 9 people are too thin and weak, 4-5 / 9 people are ideal, and 9 / 9 people are morbid obesity.

How to tell if a puggle is obese?

You can touch a puggle‘s chest and look at its waist. A puggle should have a thin layer of fat on its ribs, just like the back of the hand. You can easily feel and count the ribs, but there is still a soft cushion. If you feel that your ribs have difficulty pushing their sides, there may be too much fat covered! The waistline of a puggle is not as obvious as that of other breeds of dogs, but the waist of a healthy puggle should still be slightly “folded” from the top and side.