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Why is my Chihuahua so fat?

Chihuahua is too small to be overweight. This is especially true if you like to pamper them when they beg – it doesn’t take too many people to entertain a Chihuahua to be overweight. Moreover, because many of us tend to walk around in our arms or bags, our Chihuahua doesn’t always get the exercise they deserve. But being overweight is not good for your Chihuahua. It can lead to various health problems and even shorten his life span. That’s why it’s important to recognize this when you’ve gained a few pounds, so you can adjust your Chihuahua’s lifestyle or get Chihuahua’s veterinarian to check it out as soon as possible. Here are three signs that your Chihuahua is overweight.

1. Can’t feel the ribs

When you put your hand between the ribs of Chihuahua, you should be able to feel their ribs. If you can’t, you need to strengthen your Chihuahua exercise and cut down on extra food. Remember, food should only make up 10% of their diet, and that’s not much for a small red dog!

2. No definition

Chihuahua should have a definition of her body. This includes a chest and chest, which should be round and protrude a little. Then, their bodies should be reduced to the waist where their hips are. If your Chihuahua doesn’t have a waist, it’s a few pounds more.

3. Chihuahua is hard to clean herself

Have you noticed that your Chihuahua is hard to lick or scratch? Being too round will prevent dogs from reaching places on their bodies where they should be able to clean and itch. If you notice that your Chihuahua is in trouble, it’s time to go on a diet.

 Common causes and treatment of Chihuahua weight gain

In the United States, more than half of dogs are overweight or obese. Too much weight increases the risk of arthritis and shortens the lifespan of our pets. In addition, obesity is associated with many other problems in dogs, such as certain tumors, high blood pressure, and heart disease. In order to avoid weight gain, the calories burned must equal or exceed the calories consumed. It’s the same for your pet and your pet.
Just like people, there are many things that can cause your pet to gain weight – from eating too much to exercising too little to developing chronic diseases. Because we’re not always the best judge of our dog’s physique, it’s best to talk to your veterinarian if you think your dog may be overweight – especially if you suddenly gain weight.

Some common causes of weight gain in dogs include:

There’s too much food. Usually, we are not sure how many calories we need to maintain a healthy weight. So it’s understandable that we may have overestimated the dog’s energy needs. Overestimated our value. Age may be one reason for the imbalance between caloric intake and caloric output. This is because when our pups grow up, they often exercise less. However, we may continue to provide them with the same amount of food that we have been making. Chihuahua can tend to weight gain.
A dog’s calorie requirements are surprisingly small. The inactive puppies only need 185 to 370 calories a day. A dog weighing between 67 and 88 pounds may need 1100 to 1700 calories a day. If these numbers surprise you, or if your dog is 10% to 15% above your ideal weight, it’s time to talk to your veterinarian about what you can do to keep your dog at a healthy weight.