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Why is my Chihuahua always hungry?

If you’re a Chihuahua lover, you probably can’t take your eyes off your Chihuahua puppy! Those little animals are lovely and full of joy. When they look at you, do that naive little face, you can’t help but be deeply moved by their existence. That’s when you decided to take this little guy home, right? If you’ve had a dog before, you might think that Chihuahua is largely similar. However, this is not the case. The dog has grown up, but when you take the dog home, you need to take care of it like a baby and train it properly so that it can grow in the right way. You may notice something about your dog that you’ve never observed in your dog, which becomes a learning experience for any new dog owner. It will follow you around looking for scraps of food to make you feel that you are not feeding well enough. Chihuahua’s stomach may look like a bottomless pit, and you ask the ubiquitous question, “why is my Chihuahua always hungry?” Your Chihuahua can feel that he is always hungry for three main reasons.


1. Chihuahua is in the rapid growth period

Just as human babies need more nutrition than adults, Chihuahua puppies need almost twice as much nutrition as adult dogs to support the growth phase of their young bodies. It goes from birth to six months old. When the dog is still breast-feeding, close to its mother, it can get the nutrition it needs at any time, but when you take it home, you will find that its appetite has changed dramatically.
Chihuahua needs to eat regularly, at shorter intervals, and you need to make sure you give them enough food. Giving too little food can hinder their growth, but eating too much until they can’t eat can lead to extra weight gain and health problems. So you need to find the right balance for your hungry dog.

2. Chihuahua can choose more food

When puppies are first born, they have an endless supply of food to choose from. Their nursing mother is always around to give them milk. However, when the dog and its owner go home, it is exposed to a new eating schedule and several different forms of nutrients.


3. Adaptation of new habits

From continuous supply to waiting for the next meal,  it is difficult for a chihuahua to adapt to the new habit. They may feel too excited and excited. Because it’s a major change process, it’s crucial to stick to a consistent routine that your hungry puppy can get used to. It is said that dogs have an intuitive mind. This means your dog doesn’t get enough food because his instinct tells him. His subconscious tells him to eat as much food as possible because he doesn’t know when he can eat next.
This kind of dog psychology is the most urgent for dogs and puppies from the wild. For example, the dog is not bound by other people’s behavior of taking food away. It’s crucial to end this behavior with regular feeding and training, so your hungry dog will know when it’s ready for the next meal.