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Why is Belgian Malinois a perfect police dog?

Belgian Malinois was originally raised as one of the breeds of shepherd dogs, which is why his background is to observe or herd sheep. In general, Malinois may do different things. For example, he is a perfect family to guard or protect dogs. However, Malinois in Belgium is more often used as a police dog.


Why choose Belgian Malinois as a police dog?

Police dogs should have excellent noses and keen intelligence because police often search for drugs, bombs, and guns. In addition, police dogs should be loyal and willing to protect their owners no matter what happens. Malinois, a Belgian with all these characteristics, is also alert to his surroundings. That’s why the Belgian Malinois is a great police dog. Malino in Belgium is often used by the police, who work in airports, train stations, and subway stations because he has the perfect smell. After training, his sharp nose can find drugs and bombs. He can smell and recognize odors easily because he has a high “sniffing” ability. Belgium’s poisonous noise is very good at finding things by smell. There is another reason why Malinois was used as a police dog. He has a strong protective instinct. This breed of dog is very loyal to its owners and will protect them once the relationship is established. Malicious noise is usually not aggressive, but they can be taught to serve and protect their owners. Malino, a Belgian, is very alert, which is why he is very suitable for police work. He’s a shepherd, remember? Therefore, he needs to know where his sheep are and whether there are vagrants. This feature still exists in Belgian Malinois.


The reaction speed of Belgian Malinois dogs

Belgian Malinois responded quickly to various situations. This is not a well-known feature, but it makes him a good police dog. In fact, Malinois’s reaction is even faster than that of German shepherd dogs, as is often the case in law enforcement. So in some cases, it’s better than a German shepherd. The body shape of the Belgian Malinois also makes it run faster than the German shepherd dog. The Belgian Malinois, for example, is a more popular unit than other breeds, the okz, which is part of the Israel Defense Forces. The unit chose Marinos because of his small size and, of course, other features that made him a great police dog.