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Why does the Maltese like to bite?

Why does the Maltese like to bite? Despite its tiny size, the Maltese do not seem to know how to be afraid so Maltese will bite to express her feelings.

Maltese’s confidence and emotional responsiveness are attractive. The Maltese is the most gentle of all the puppies, but it is lively, playful, and lively. It has a noble attitude and is very attached to its owner, but we will find that this kind of dog often bites the owner’s hand when we raise the Maltese dog. Why? Let’s look at the following reasons:

1. The host indulged:

Some owners think that the Maltese dog biting the owner’s hand is coquettish to the owner, so the owner will connive at the dog’s behavior, so as to make it love biting people in the future.


2. Disturb the Maltese meal:

If the owner bothers him when he is eating, he will think that he is robbing him of food. So dogs bite their owners as a warning.

3. The period of tooth change in Maltese

Maltese will show strong discomfort when changing his teeth. In order to cushion this feeling, most dogs will start to bite, even the owners.

4. The curiosity of the Maltese:

Why do Maltese bite? In fact, the dog does not know what the owner is. It means that in the dog’s consciousness, especially in the dog’s consciousness, there is no difference between the owner and the cat running around or the bird flying in the sky. It has the same curiosity about its owner, cat, and bird because they are all active. Playing is the nature of young Maltese, and the way dogs play is to bite with their teeth, so it seems that dogs love to bite people.


5. Dogs lack trace elements:

When Maltese’s body is lacking some trace elements, he will suffer from pica. At this time, the dog’s power is relatively strong. He not only likes to bite people but also can’t let go of the sofa, plastic bag, and wardrobe at home. He will also eat stones, sand, branches, and other foreign matters when he takes it out.

In our daily life, we advocate keeping pets scientifically and civilly. If we want to ensure that the Maltese dog and his family get along harmoniously, we should put ourselves in the dog’s position to think about some problems. Although dogs are smart and smart, they belong to animals, and their behavior consciousness is totally different from that of human beings. Some behavior states are normal in the eyes of human beings, but in the eyes of dogs, they become threats and dangers. Therefore, the dog’s instinctive response is to fight back to save his life. To prevent being bitten by a Maltese dog, we should treat it scientifically. Of course, the Maltese is a small ornamental dog after all, its attack, biting ability can not be compared with those of the large dogs. So, even if bitten, it won’t be very serious. Of course, we should deal with it in time after being bitten by a Maltese dog. We can wash the wound with water, and then go to a professional hospital to get rabies vaccine.