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Why does my puggle shake?

Puggles like to sleep, and if you ever wonder “why my puggle shivers when I sleep,” you’re not alone. Sometimes, Mindy, our black puggle, would fall asleep and she would twitch. This behavior is enough to make any puggle’s parents worry and make you wonder if there’s really something wrong with it? In short, your puggle is probably dreaming. Like us, canines go through three sleep stages: REM (rapid eye movement), NREM (non-rapid eye movement), and SWS (short wave sleep). Not in this order, but I’ll explain the sleep phase below.


Dog sleep stage

Your puggle has the same brain waves as humans. As mentioned above, they go through different stages of sleep. There are three stages in NREM
N1: This is the first stage of a puggle’s sleep. Your puggle is just beginning to fall into unconscious sleep. At this stage, they are just beginning to lose control of their muscles and limbs.
N2: at this stage, your puggle will have some brain activity and your dog looks very calm and calm. This is the longest period of NREM sleep, lasting about 45% of the total sleep time.
N3: this phase is called the slow-wave phase. Your puggle’s heart rate drops, blood pressure drops, and body temperature drops.

Puggle’s sleep cycle

According to westritter, this is during the rapid eye movement phase, where dogs realize their dreams by shaking, twitching, and moving their paws, just as they run in a dream. You may even notice the following:
Spastic exercise: you will notice that your puggle moves different parts of the body during sleep, such as the mouth, tail, ears, legs, and eyes.
Moving their legs: another thing dogs do when they sleep is to move their legs as if they were running or digging.
Voice: when your puggle runs, it screams, barks, growls, and even howls. Mindy used to shiver and scream in her sleep. It was lovely.

Should I wake my Puggles?

If you notice any of the above, don’t wake your dog. This usually means your dog is in REM sleep, which is what we experience at night. Unlike us, however, your dog doesn’t lose sleep during the day. They usually sleep a little more during the day. Sometimes cramps wake up your dog and they may feel confused and uncomfortable. If you notice this, speak to your dog in a warm, loving voice, remind him/her where they are and bring them back to life.


Other reasons for your puggle shaking

Most of the time your puggle is just having an exciting dream, especially when he is a young adult or a puppy. If your dog has just had canine distemper, it can cause the dog to shiver when awake and sleeping. Fortunately, you will notice other symptoms of distemper, such as rhinorrhea, eyes, and detectable fever.