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Why does my Jack Chi pee so much?

Someone may ask: why does my Jack Chi pee so much? Family training may be the first thing you start to teach your Jack Chi dog. If you are patient and consistent, Jack Chi’s learning process will be easier and faster. In addition, you should familiarize all your family members with the training skills and rules you are using, and make sure they follow them. There are several different ways you can train your Jack Chi dog, but they all use some basic rules. Choose which one suits you. You have to be patient, you will see the result soon.

Jack Chi puppies can’t hold their pee

It depends on how big your Jack Chi puppy is, and you may expect too much. If your puppy is too small and physically fit, he may not be able to make him pee. Most dogs come to their new homes when they are 8-10 weeks old. At this stage, they can’t keep the bladder all night and they have to take it every few hours. If your JRT is less than 6 months old, be ready, you will have less than perfect compliance with family training, and you will have unexpected times. Be patient and be positive.

How to train Jack chi to pee?

First and foremost, if you really want to learn how to train Jack Chi, you have to be willing to rest for at least two weeks. Why? Because you need to watch your Jack Chi dog very carefully, so you can feel when he wants to pee, and then go to beg.

Specify Jack Chi’s own urination space

You need to specify a space for Jack chi to make it easy to clean the floor. This will be his play and sleep area. It should be an area that is easy to close, small enough, and easy to manage. This will be your Jack Chi’s room until home training begins until you introduce the crate. Bring him a blanket with your smell, a bowl of water and some toys and put it in his new room

Don’t let Jack Chi hang around the house

If you really want to train a jack Chi dog at home and want a quick result, your Jack Chi is not free to enter the house until he trains completely at home. I know it sounds cruel, but at first, the strict restrictions were justified. If you leave your Jack Chi at home, he’ll pee all over the place. You don’t have a chance to stop him and take him to the right place you want him to destroy – that’s outside. When you learn how to train Jack Chi puppies, you will be asked to do a lot of things that seem cruel to dogs at the beginning. But you have to believe in the process, and if you want to get results, do it as required.

Keep an eye on Jack Chi’s peeing behavior

Your job is to look at your Jack Chi like an eagle. If you want to do the dishes, tie a rope to Jack chi so that he can only walk so far. If he starts going to the toilet, you can still catch him on the spot. In Jack Chi’s house training, it’s important for you to catch your dog in the competition, pick it up and take it outside so that Jack Chi can connect grass, soil and cement with going to the toilet. If you can’t stay at home with your Jack Chi dog for two weeks, you need someone who can. When your Jack Chi is going to pee or poo, the more you can hold him, pick him up and take him outside, the faster he will receive family training.

Buy a crate


I know you think it’s cruel to keep Jack Chi in a cage. But really, Jack Chi likes the idea of a nest. They like to curl up in the corner and hide. It comforts them. So a crate is like their own home to them. Buy a Jack Chi.

Use of crates

The purpose of the crate is to teach your dog that it is his haven and he should not be in its soil. So what does this do for family training?

Dogs don’t like sleeping where they pee

So when your Jack Chi is in a cage at night, he starts to sob, which is a signal that Jack Chi has to go to the bathroom. Take him to the backyard and let him do his job. Praise Jack Chi – even at 2 a.m.! By the way, if you’re at home but can’t see your Jack Chi puppy, you can put Jack Chi in the box. But just leave Jack Chi there for 2-3 hours and take him out to the bathroom.