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Why does my German shepherd put his paw on me?

German shepherd dogs have a wide range of communication tools, including body language, voice, and body use. When the German Shepherd put his paws on the ground, he was trying to communicate with people. You can know exactly what the German Shepherd wants to say by observing the accompanying body language and noticing what is happening in the German shepherd’s environment.


Play with incitement

When a German Shepherd wants to play, it usually displays a series of gestures, including the famous play bow, which stretches its hips into the air and flattens its front legs. If the German Shepherd really wants to play, and no one is interested in him, he may make his request more difficult to ignore, put his paw on your arm or leg and run away. This is a classic game provocation technique. If you don’t like to be clawed, you must not respond by playing with a German shepherd dog, otherwise he will think it is a good way to get what he wants.

German shepherd dogs seek attention

German shepherd dogs use their claws to attract attention. Owners often reinforce this by responding positively to a puppy’s paw. When a dog with small paws does it, it becomes very cute. When you’re drinking hot coffee, a muddy adult German Shepherd does that, and that’s not so cute. Dogs in need are more likely to use physical incentives to attract attention, especially when they feel neglected or worried about new people or dogs at home. Your paw can be distinguished from your body language by looking at it. A person who seeks attention loses energy and energy.


The dominant position of German Shepherd Dog

German shepherd dogs use claws better than other dogs. He may also try to maintain dominance by resting his head on the neck of another dog. When a German Shepherd put his paw on another dog’s back, he said, “I’m the best dog here.”. If a German Shepherd does the same thing as a family member, he should take a break. German shepherd dogs may try to touch the back of a stooping person with their claws, or they may try to stand up and put their paws on her shoulder. If corrective action is taken continuously through puppies and family members are mildly lucky, the problem usually disappears in time.


If your German Shepherd Dog claws at the door and the door opens, he will find that the behavior has positive consequences, so the behavior becomes self-rewarding. You can use this concept in training your German shepherd dog. To teach him to lift his paws, just prove that it has a positive effect, such as giving him a treat.