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Why does my Corkie lick me so much?

If you have corkie, you know the little tongue that corkie licks 100 times a minute. It may be quite cute, but it can also get annoying. Why does my corkie lick me so much. It’s a symbol that we corkie love. Corkie won’t do this to anyone. This only happens when the relationship between the two of you is strong and stable, which shows how close your relationship is.

Licking is corkie’s instinct

For corkie, licking is the dog’s instinct. When puppies are born, their mother licks them not only to clean them up, but also to stimulate their blood circulation. In turn, corkie puppies lick their mother when they want to eat and breast feed.

Why did corkie lick so much?

How do you feel when your corkie licks you? Well, do you like drooling love or dry cuddling? Whenever you see your corkie licking obsessively and incessantly, you will feel very depressed. Of course, there is a reason for this behavior, as a good goalkeeper, you should be able to identify the problem. There are different reasons for licking Yorkshire dogs, which can be divided into medicine and behavior. Some of the most common causes are: anxiety, boredom, skin problems, stomach discomfort, fleas, dry skin or infection. However, corkie tends to lick more than any other dog breed, so it can also behave completely naturally.

How to train corkie to stop licking your face?


Before corkie learns to stop doing something, corkie must know exactly what it is. This training involves this element.

  1. Carefully select training supplies. Although praising corkie has played a certain role, nothing is more effective and successful than high-value training. They should be very small, moist, something that will not be distributed at any other time of the day in any way, especially delicious, and should maintain the same high standard of professionalism. If you’re looking for a great training treatment, a healthy soft bite of natural cereal is wonderful. Although these are used as training puppies, due to the small size of the corkie breed, these are special corkies of all ages, which are 100% natural and come in delicious flavors, such as lamb and salmon, and are made in the United States. You can put about 20 pieces of food in your pocket and one on your curly hand.
  2.  You should plan to stop licking at least twice a day. Each time should last for 10 minutes. If your corkie has problems and licks others too much at home, they should also be included in this training.
  3. Choose a place where there is no interference. The idea of this training is to let your corkie lick you so that your dog understands the action. Then, force the lick to stop while giving a reward. As time goes on, your corkie can stop at your command. There’s food in your pocket to train corkie to stop licking, and there’s food on your curly hand to let your corkie lick you. When this happens, keep repeating the word “lick” in a clear voice every five seconds. If your corkie stops at any time, keep quiet. The licking process should last 20 to 30 seconds (if you can stand that long tickling!). Buy a Corkie. 
    You’re only going to go up enough now to force corkie to lick. For example, if you and corkie are sitting on the floor or sofa, stand up and kneel down. When you stand up, give a command word to mark the moment the lick stops. Although you can use “off” or “no”, it is recommended to use “stop”. So you will firmly say ‘stop licking’ and emphasize ‘stop’. Although you initiated the lick stop, you should immediately praise with excited voice ‘OK, stop! Good. At the same time, give the reward as a corkie reward. If at any time your corkie doesn’t obey your orders, go back to the steps of body ascent. If you promise to do it at least twice a day, your corkie should be fully trained in two weeks. In fact, you may need to start asking for a kiss with a simple “corkie lick.”.