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Why does my Cairn Terrier shake?

Can your Cairn Terrier shake? Do you want to know why Cairn Terrier shakes? Now let’s have a look. Cairn Terrier shakes for many reasons. The cause of Cairn Terrier shaking may be benign, such as excitement, anxiety or too cold. But if your Cairn Terrier is shaking and not cold, it could be a sign of a health problem for Cairn Terrier. Some varieties are also prone to shiver due to various factors or specific health problems. Next, you will find some possible symptoms of Cairn Terrier or the causes of Cairn Terrier shaking. You should take them to your veterinarian. Ultimately, only your veterinarian will be able to diagnose and determine the most appropriate treatment to effectively care for any potential medical condition known to cause your Cairn Terrier shake.
Here are some common causes of Cairn Terrier tremor. You can consult your veterinarian for the correct diagnosis.

Cairn Terrier shakes because of fever or hyperthermia

High body temperature causes Cairn Terrier to shake. Symptoms of Cairn Terrier’s fever include shaking, drowsiness, not eating, vomiting, runny nose and cough. Cairn Terrier’s normal rectal temperature is between 100.0 and 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. When a dog struggles with an infection, it may develop a fever, which may be anywhere in the body and may not be visible. Learn how to measure Cairn Terrier’s temperature correctly. If his rectal temperature is above 103 degrees and your Cairn Terrier is constantly shaking, consult your veterinarian.

Poisoning can also cause Cairn Terrier shaking

Poisoning often causes Cairn Terrier shaking, indicating that poisoning causes nerve or heart problems. Poisons causing seizures include chocolate, xylitol, grapes / raisins, pesticides (flea repellents), human drugs (ibuprofen, Prozac, avery), household cleaners, furniture polishes, fertilizers and rodenticides. In addition to shaking, your Cairn Terrier may urinate and vomit involuntarily.
If you are sure that Cairn Terrier is poisoned, please call your veterinarian first. If it’s after work, call the nearest Veterinary Emergency Hospital. While waiting for professional help, you can induce vomiting by feeding Cairn Terrier one teaspoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide (5 ml) per 10 pounds of body weight. Do not give more than twice a day.

Cairn Terrier feels cold (hypothermia) and shakes

Some Cairn terriers have poor tolerance to cold climate, which can lead to Cairn Terrier shaking. Cairn Terrier usually looks for the warmest place in the house to keep warm. Cairn Terrier shaking helps to generate heat and therefore raises the dog’s temperature. Some Cairn Terriers are very sensitive to the cold and may need a sweater in cold weather due to their thin fur. If your Cairn Terrier is shivering and it’s not cold, read on to other potential causes.

Cairn Terrier shaking caused by stomach discomfort (vomiting or diarrhea)


If your Cairn Terrier has an upset stomach, he may be shaking because he doesn’t feel well. It’s not uncommon for dogs to shiver before they get sick, especially before vomiting or diarrhea. After emptying the stomach or intestines, shivering may stop, and if Cairn Terrier still feels uncomfortable, Cairn Terrier’s shaking may continue. To help your dog through this, try some of these effective veterinary approved home treatments for stomach discomfort. Vomiting can be a sign of other diseases. You can help your dog feel better with these home treatments for vomiting and understand the various causes. It’s probably just a cold or fever, but it’s best to rule out more serious diseases, such as kidney disease or liver disease. Buy a Cairn Terrier.

Cairn terrier shakes because of excitement or fear

If your Cairn Terrier is excited and really looking forward to something she likes, Cairn Terrier may tremble. The same can happen if Cairn Terrier is nervous or afraid of something. It’s not uncommon to see Cairn Terrier rocking in the veterinarian’s office or in the face of a thunderstorm. Other stressful things for dogs include boredom, lack of exercise, driving or other negative experiences. In general, as soon as adrenaline is released, you’ll see tremors. If you can’t find any shaking that could cause your Cairn Terrier to be excited, nervous or scared, the reason may be medical, not behavioral. But if your Cairn Terrier is just excited or nervous, it’s quite easy to take steps to calm his anxiety.