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Why does Corgi have reddish-brown tears?

When we were raising Corgi, we suddenly found that Corgi had been crying all the time, and then left red and brown tears. What’s the reason? Some beginners will be a little confused. Let’s take a look at why Corgi keeps tears and leaves reddish-brown tears?


1、 There’s dirt in the eyes

This kind of thing appears more frequently. Because of the more hair that Corgi has, it is very easy for the dead hair to get into the eyes. Although the dog’s eyes are more sensitive and the level of people is far from good, sometimes see its eyes inside the hair, it is not easy to have what uncomfortable main performance. But black hair into the eyes will undoubtedly have a certain irritation to the eyes, so it is very easy to cause koji to have tears. Then the pet owner must immediately use warm water or wipes for Corgi to clean the tears around his eyes and remove the dirt from the dog’s eyes.

2、 There was inflammation in the eyes

Once there is something dirty or inflamed in Corgi’s eyes, it is inevitable that he will continue to shed tears due to discomfort in his eyes. Pet owners can first check to see if Corgi’s condition is more serious. If Corgi’s eyes are only slightly red, the pet owner can use a wet cotton towel or a wet paper towel to gently scrub the dog’s eyes and their surroundings. Then peel off the dog’s upper and lower eyelids and drop 1-2 drops of eye drops. The owner can use it 2-3 times a day. If the situation is serious, the owner should take Corgi to see the pet doctor immediately.


3、 Congenital eye diseases

As a result, Corgi’s condition of continuous tears, as well as congenital periocular problems. One of the most common causes is that the upper eyelid deformities are entropion and eversion: the edge of the eyelid or the periphery of the eye curls inward, which causes the dog’s eyelashes to grow out in the wrong direction. Therefore, the eyelashes will rub the dog’s eyes, causing hematoma and swelling of the eyes, and Cauchy will continue to shed tears. Pet owners should send the dog to the doctor for examination immediately when they find the disease.