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Why do Yorkies stink?

Why does my Yorkie’s stink?
If there’s one smell that Yorkies Terriers are predisposed to, it’s severe bad breath. Since Yorkies are so small, they have compact jaws that don’t leave a lot of room in between their teeth. This leads to food particles getting stuck between the teeth, which causes a build-up of plaque and eventual decay.
It’s extremely significant to regularly brush your Yorkie’s teeth and have them cleaned professionally each year to prevent decay from forming. Once you notice halitosis (foul breath), the problem has already set in. In this case, begin better dental hygiene immediately, but also, consult a vet to see if you need to have rotten teeth extracted.
Digestive issues could also be to blame
It is known to us all, dental issues are usually the cause of stinky breath. However, if you’ve had your dog’s teeth checked out and nothing is wrong with them, your dog’s bad breath could be due to a digestive issue.
If your dog ate something they shouldn’t have, or if they’re allergic or intolerant to something you’re feeding them, they could be having a hard time digesting it. Vomiting would be an obvious sign of digestive issues and the cause of your pup’s bad breath. However, you may simply be smelling the stomach acid if they’re experiencing indigestion.
Think through whether you fed your dog any table scraps or human food they don’t normally eat (such as dairy), and monitor them to see if they experience vomiting or diarrhea. If the problem passes in a day or two, they were likely just dealing with indigestion. If the problem persists, you should take them to the vet. If you want to have a more healthy Yorkie, you can click here for more information.