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Why do smooth fox terriers shake?

Does your Smooth Fox terriers shake? Can you find the reason why Smooth Fox terriers shakes? Smooth Fox terriers seems to be good at understanding how we feel. Smooth Fox terriers can judge whether we are happy or sad by simply changing our intonation or adjusting our body language. However, we often find it difficult to understand how dogs feel, and we also feel at a shed how to help them.
One particularly difficult thing to understand is when your Smooth Fox Terriers are shaking. The shake of Smooth Fox terriers can be caused by many factors, including more serious things from excitement to illness. Here are some reasons why Smooth Fox terriers shake, which can help you find out why they shake. There are many reasons why Smooth Fox terriers shake, for example, if they are excited or try to dry themselves. Usually, you need to look at the details of Smooth Fox terriers to find out why your Smooth Fox Terriers are shaking.

(1) Smooth Fox terriers shakes off excess moisture

If your Smooth Fox terriers just go swimming or get wet during a walk, they shake their bodies to remove excess water. In this case, the trembling of Smooth Fox terriers is completely normal and is actually good for your dog because it helps prevent hypothermia. They remove 70% of the moisture from your fur with just one shake – that’s why if Smooth Fox Terriers are shaking so fast, you’ll end up soaking wet.

(2) Smooth Fox terriers shakes with stress or fear

Smooth Fox terriers can also shake from stress or fear, which is most common in veterinarians or when setting off fireworks. The dog’s shaking may also be accompanied by signs such as whimpering, whimpering, growling, wheezing, and the Smooth Fox terriers may pin their ears back to hide. If Smooth Fox terriers often feel anxious, it’s best to monitor any possible triggers to make them feel that way. Then, if possible, remove these triggers from the life of Smooth Fox terriers, or consider seeking the help of a dog behaviorist. If you need more information to help dogs with fear or anxiety, check out our guide.

(3) Smooth Fox terriers shakes with excitement

One possible reason why Smooth Fox terriers keep shaking is excitement. If you just get home, your Smooth Fox Terriers are happy to see you, or you’re going out for a walk, they may shiver when they play with you. When Smooth Fox terriers shake with excitement, it helps to reduce their excess energy and make them more restrained. The most common is young dogs, because they tend to have weaker impulse control, which is usually a good idea to pay little attention to them until they calm down, and then reward them for a cool stroke.

(4) Smooth Fox terriers is shaking because of the cold

Just as we shake in the cold, so do Smooth Fox terriers. Some varieties are more sensitive to cold than others, especially if they are smaller or have thinner fur, because they are less protected from cold to shake. If the cold really bothers them, buy a coat or even a pair of boots to keep them warm in winter. If your Smooth Fox terriers seem to be shaking for a long time, take them to the veterinarian because it may be a sign that your dog has hypothermia.

(5) Older Smooth Fox terriers are more likely to shake

Sometimes Smooth Fox terriers shakes because of old age. This is not uncommon with age, but sometimes excessive shaking can be a sign of pain, especially joint pain. If this is the case, take them to the vet as soon as possible and they will be able to suggest how best to help your dog.

(6) Muscle weakness in Smooth Fox terriers can also cause shaking

Muscle weakness in Smooth Fox terriers may also be the cause of shivering or shaking. This is usually manifested as their legs shaking, especially the hind legs. Generally speaking, this will solve the problem that they have time to rest, but if it seems to be bothering your dog, take them to your veterinarian, they may suggest exercise to strengthen their muscles or treatment such as massage or spa. Buy a  Smooth Fox Terrier.
Sometimes the Smooth Fox terriers shaking is just a small thing. I have a smooth fox terriers to do the same thing. Sometimes Smooth Fox terriers shake because of the cold, but they also shake when they are afraid. Crying alone may be just because they want to be noticed. These things are likely to get better over time, but may always be part of Smooth Fox terriers. However, if you can’t get your Smooth Fox terriers’ attention when they are shaking or seem to be weak, take them to the vet and there is always the possibility of seizures.

(7) Smooth Fox terriers shake because of diseases

Please don’t panic because of possible medical reasons for your Smooth Fox terriers shaking. Your shaking Smooth Fox terriers probably doesn’t have any of the following. However, there is always a small chance, so it’s better to educate yourself so that you can check the signs and rule out the possibility of Smooth Fox terriers getting sick.


Shaking Smooth Fox terriers may have hypoglycemia. When their blood sugar levels reach unexplained levels. If so, your dog will also show other symptoms of hypoglycemia. If they lack coordination, muscle twitch, and weakness, they can also get discolored skin and gums. If your Smooth Fox Terriers are shaking and you have these other symptoms, go to the vet.

Swing syndrome

Rocking syndrome is a disease that affects the cervical spine of Smooth Fox terriers. Compression of the spinal cord can lead to excessive rocking of Smooth Fox terriers. But this is very rare for Smooth Fox terriers. However, this needs attention.


Muscle redness is an involuntary, spontaneous spasm that causes Smooth Fox terriers to shake. It usually affects one muscle at a time, such as the leg muscle, neck muscle and even eye muscle. The shaking of this condition is mainly due to lack of sleep, dehydration, fatigue, excessive exercise and anxiety.

Addison’s disease

Don’t panic, because it’s very rare in Smooth Fox terriers, but it’s more common in bitches. Addison’s disease can cause not only Smooth Fox terriers shaking, but also other symptoms, such as diarrhea, vomiting, thirst, increased urination, and even unexplained weight loss.