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Why do puggles smell bad?

Puggles have their own unique odor, which is generally common in canines of the hound family. In addition, many factors combine to affect the odor of any dog; health, hygiene, environment, and diet have the greatest impact. It’s not to say that it’s normal for a puggle to have an overwhelming, rotting smell, as it could be a sign of skin or other health problems. We get a lot of emails asking, “why do beagles smell?” Then ask the puggles what it tastes like. Some people call this smell “dog smell”, but what does that mean?


Puggle’s natural scent

We humans may not have noticed this, but not just every breed of dog, but every dog has his or her own unique chemical odor, which is transmitted through the body’s grease. When people talk about “smell like a dog,” it refers to the general smell that dogs emit. Although it is true that dogs do not emit sweat from all parts of their bodies (sweat is excreted through their claws), they do emit this chemical odor through their hair follicles. It’s as unique as a fingerprint, and it gives us the same unique odor as the anal gland (although the anal gland emits a stronger odor, so the dog will smell something different from that of another dog) – both of which are dog’s “business cards.”.

Information contained in puggle smell

All dogs have anal glands – one on each side of the rectum – that can hold fluid. Normally, this liquid is expressed slowly. When two dogs meet, there is a rapid release of liquid, because this is the way dogs communicate. You usually can’t detect the smell of the anal glands unless one or both of the glands are cracked, but you can easily smell the body oil that is constantly penetrating the skin and fur of the dog. These chemical odors contain information about the dog’s gender, age, social status, whether the male is neutral or intact, overall health status, and current emotions (calm, aggressive, confident, shy, etc.). Each dog has the ability to “read” another dog’s information.


Why do puggles smell better than other breeds?

With the continuous improvement of different dog breeds, each dog has its specific use. Some are watchdog dogs – working alone, waiting in silence, ready to warn their owners of intruders. Other watchdog dogs are used to deal with intruders. The breed was made smaller by the size of the dog’s legs. The development of puggle is based on the hunting rabbit. Long ago, people focused on tracking rabbits and deer, but over time, beagles were mainly used in rabbits. In most cases, in its development and perfection, puggles hunt in droves.
The ability to cooperate in a pack depends on a number of qualities, one of which is that each member of a pack has a keen ability to know exactly where each member is in the field or forest, and the mood of each dog – the excitement of chasing or the satisfaction of being close to its prey. Higher than average chemical emissions are believed to be a byproduct of this development in many generations of perfect hounds.

What does puggle smell like?

The best way to describe puggle‘s smell is that it is a light musk. However, some elements can make the smell intolerable, which is when owners start to worry. We’ll talk about the various causes of strong odors and what you can do to keep your puggle good.