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Why do puggles sleep under the covers?

Why does your puggle like to sleep in your bed? A lot of dogs do. It’s interesting to think about why they do things that look human. If we think about the way dogs see life, it’s easy to imagine why they wrap themselves up at night.

There was a smell of puggle in the quilt

The concept that animals depend on resources. Resources are food, water, and shelter. Your bed represents a shelter or nest for your puggle. Because the bed is where he often goes, and the smell of puggle on the bed is part of his daily life. Instinctively, he crawled into his study as a happy and safe place. In his opinion, the quilt may be the secret room of his nest, which is the safest.


Puggles feel happy

When your puggle is hidden under the sheets, it feels surrounded and feels intense stress, which helps improve the brain chemistry of the anxious dog. Some breeds of dogs even seem to prefer to dig holes for fun. The puggle’s body was originally the advantage of the hound and the hound. The pressure of the sheets on your puggle may cause his brain to release happy chemicals that give him a sense of security and well-being, and maybe even fun.


Puggles feel safe

Your presence also gives your puggle a sense of support, eager to evolve as an animal into a group or family unit. He knows you feel safe enough to sleep there. You’re the puggle’s family and mentor. You’ve marked this area as a safe area, and you’ve been there for a long time. As members of a team, you are jointly responsible for alerting and protecting each other. It’s natural for your dog to be close to you when you sleep. What they know is where to sleep. Their nests are one of their most valuable resources. The caress of the sheets can also promote the puggle’s sense of security and refuge. Most importantly, our puggles want to hide under the sheets because we’re there, and the safest place is always with your family.