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Why do poodles often bite their feet?

Poodle always looks so noble. However, many parents who keep poodles report that their poodles always like to bite their feet. It’s just a pet dog’s hobby. In fact, there are three reasons why poodles bite or lick their feet.

1. Boredom

Some parents who have poodles may always let poodles stay at home because of their busy work, and they don’t often take them out to play. This leads to the poodle’s depression and boredom. They couldn’t tear down the house because of its size. So their feet have become the best toys, which is why the feet clearly do not hurt but love to gnaw.
If this is the case, it is very easy to solve, as long as the host takes time to accompany them and take them out to play more. This kind of boredom and depression can be very good to improve.

2. Mould

Mold can cause inflammation caused by infection, such as interphalangeal inflammation cyst, etc. And these serious can make poodle paw itchy unbearably, therefore, they will chew their own feet to alleviate this uncomfortable feeling.
When the poodle appears in this kind of situation, suggest the owner take them to the hospital for examination in time. Treat as directed by the doctor. In addition, if they need to stay in the cage, it is recommended to lay some mats at the bottom of the cage to prevent the poodle’s feet from getting into the gap of the cage.

3. Parasites

We all know the parasites are fleas, lice, and so on. This kind of small parasites is easy to hide in the feet and fingers of poodles. When the parasites begin to bite the poodle’s toes, the poodle will begin to bite its own feet because of itching or pain. This requires the owner to treat the poodle regularly for external deworming.
In addition, if the poodle’s feet are injured, they will also have the situation of biting or licking, so owners must not think that dog biting is a habit, after all, they will not have a special love for their feet when they are not bored.