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Why do Chihuahuas shake?

Even if there is no Elvis on the radio, your Chihuahua will tremble, rattle, roll, and don’t panic. There are many reasons why Chihuahua shivers like this. Not all Chihuahua shivers, and those who don’t do it all the time.


1. Weather

The obvious reason why some Chihuahua shivers is that they are so cold that their bodies respond to the ambient temperature just like human bodies. Unless it’s long hair, Chihuahua’s hair is short, and you’ll see them in sweaters and jackets all the time because their owners want them to keep them warm. Chihuahua has an unusually high metabolic capacity, and their tiny bodies dissipate heat very quickly.

2. Nerves

It sounds like personification, but just as you may shiver from tension, so does Chihuahua. If your Chihuahua lives in a new environment, or if there are strangers, including people and dogs, or if a storm is brewing (dogs can feel the pressure drop long before people see the first cloud), your Chihuahua may have responded to it. One way to tell if your Chihuahua is shaking with tension is to listen to their whine or bark. Other symptoms of stress include lip licking, poor eye contact, and excessive paw licking.

3. Excitability

Like a 10-year-old child preparing to go to Disneyland, and excited Chihuahua shivers with anxiety, whether it’s because he’s going to drive or because his car trip means going to see a veterinarian. An overexcited Chihuahua shivers until the cause of the excitement disappears. Most dogs wag their tails wildly when they are excited. It’s not enough for Chihuahua. He has to put his heart and soul into action.


4. Energetic

Chihuahua has a lot of energy because of their high metabolism. Shivering and shivering is a common feature of Chihuahua, which is nothing to worry about. Just as people sometimes have enough energy to cope with situations like drinking too much coffee and having to sit in boring meetings, Chihuahua has this energy almost all the time. Give your Chihuahua a chance to release the extra energy and probably stop all the shivering.