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Why do Chihuahuas bite their owners?

If you can train your Chihuahua from a very young age, biting won’t be a real problem. However, although Chihuahua is often good-natured, as puppies, they learn with their mouths and bite anything they see. If it is not controlled, it may cause trouble for the rest of their lives.

1. Does Chihuahua often bite people?

When Chihuahua was puppy, they bit a lot. Most of the time it’s about playing and teething, and most of the time you grow up with this behavior.

2. Why do Chihuahua puppies like to bite people?

The teething stage is when you notice that your Chihuahua bites the most. I’ve written here in detail about the teething stage of Chihuahua, which explains how they explore their surroundings and use small bites and chews to relieve their painful gums.

3. How to stop your Chihuahua from biting?

If you want to know how to stop Chihuahua from biting like a dog, here are several different ways.
(1) Scream like a dog (bite suppression)
When you see puppies playing together in their nests, they make a slight scream when they are bitten by siblings. A bitten dog will hear a scream and tend to retreat.
As the owner of Chihuahua, we can imitate this behavior!
If your Chihuahua dog bites you and bites you, it makes a sharp scream. You can also use firm commands like “no” or “stop.”.
This bite suppression method is used by professional dog trainers because the dog thinks you’ve been bitten and injured.
Some Chihuahua puppies don’t like it because it’s kind of like being told off. You may find your dog seeking reassurance and comfort, but the key is not to give it. Instead, ignore them for a moment, for example, with your back to them.
It may sound mean, but if you want your Chihuahua to stop biting it can work well. The sooner you start using this technique, the faster your Chihuahua will bite you and your family.
(2) Don’t play Chihuahua
Dogs don’t understand corporal punishment, and they don’t work. All it can do is make your dog afraid and may lead to more biting out of fear. Chihuahua who has a biting problem doesn’t understand corporal punishment.
Tip: when your dog does something bad, you shouldn’t beat it. Instead, use these alternative Chihuahua training and punishment techniques.

3. Don’t react to Chihuahua biting

If you want your Chihuahua to stop biting you, don’t react to them when they bite you. I made this mistake with my own dog because I would tease it away, but it only made it easier for him to be bitten.
I think it’s because you reflect the fun to them and react in an interesting way. They’re going to want more, so they’ll take another bite.

4. Use chewing toys instead of hands

When puppies are young, it’s fun to use your hands when playing with them. Biting here and there may not hurt you. But you’re training them to think your hands are fair. Instead, you should use chewing toys in this game. If you can focus their attention on toys instead of your hands, they will know that fingers and hands will not be bitten. It’s all about positive connections.


5. Teach your Chihuahua to accept your hand close to their mouth

This leads you to have to teach your Chihuahua to get your hands close to their mouths instead of biting them. This is what they need to accept and will help with the points later in this guide. Puppies often eat things they shouldn’t eat, so you need to check out what’s in their mouths. You also need to check the health of their teeth and gums. You can’t do that if your Chihuahua keeps biting your hand. One of the best ways to train Chihuahua dogs to keep your fingers out of your mouth is to eat snacks. Let them see it, put it in their mouth with your fingers, and take it out.
Over time, they should be comfortable letting you put your finger in their mouth without biting their back.

6. Train your Chihuahua not to be aggressive with food

One of the most common bites of Chihuahua puppies is when the food is in balance. Puppies tend to overprotect their food, which they learn when they struggle for nutrition in their nests.
Unfortunately, this behavior can extend to their jobs. If your Chihuahua is aggressive with food, then you need to train the dog to know that you are in charge and can pick up their bowls and put them back where they are without being attacked by dogs.