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Why do Bichon Frise dogs have indigestion?

What should be done if a Bichon Frise has symptoms of indigestion? Is it surprising that dogs, like people, also have indigestion? But the truth is that dogs, like us, live on food. As long as dogs appear dyspepsia, they will also have vomiting, laxity phenomenon, especially painful. So let’s take a look at the symptoms of a Bichon Frise dog with indigestion.


1、 Why do Bichon Frise dogs have indigestion?

Generally speaking, the dyspepsia of the Bichon Frise dog is closely related to the diet. It may be due to the improper feeding method of the owner or the irregular diet. However, the most important reason is that the dog is hungry and full and overeating.
Some owners may not take their Bichon Frise dogs to exercise because they don’t like sports, or some owners are worried that the dog will disturb his work, and the owner has a big brain hole, so they give the dog a lot of snacks to eat there. Of course, the dog has no self-control ability, so overeating leads to the symptoms of indigestion.
Some owners are really very busy, because they have to go to work, so they don’t have so much energy to take care of the dog. Before they go to work, they prepare the food all day for the dog. If it’s winter, the food will cool if it’s too long. The dog’s stomach will not be comfortable after eating. If the food is put too long in summer, the dog will have indigestion after eating happen


2、 Dyspepsia in Bichon Frise

If the Bichon Frise dog has the symptoms of indigestion, it is usually the same as that of human beings. It will have an obvious loss of appetite, no spirit, always lying on the stomach, and sometimes accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, and other symptoms. If there is a particularly serious phenomenon, the owner must take the dog to the hospital in time to avoid causing other intestinal diseases.